IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion Night Two Results (April 28th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights 

Elgin's anniversary did not go as planned
Elgin's anniversary did not go as planned

Night One of Rebellion (see results here) was an incredible two hours of nonstop action. Kylie Rae's bout with Kiera Hogan was a show-stealer, Willie Mack finally shut up the arrogant mouth, now, former X-Division Champion Ace Austin, and Ken Shamrock put Sami Callihan to sleep. All that, and we've still got a lot more to go!

Last week it was revealed that there would be some changes to the show considering travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, IMPACT was ready to deliver, and that started off with a four-way match to open the show.

We kicked off night two of the Rebellion event with an incredible four-way X-Division bout. One of the more recent signees, Chris Bey, took on three of the best that IMPACT Wrestling has to offer, including Trey and former X-Division Champion Suicide.

Explosive four-way action starts off Rebellion Night Two
Explosive four-way action starts off Rebellion Night Two

Suicide vs Chris Bey vs Rohit Raju vs Trey

Raju and Bey attempted to send Suicide and Trey into one another, and vice versa, leading to a standing four-way switch before Suicide and Trey sat back to watch the action. Bey and Raju eventually realized what happened, leading to Bey launching Suicide into the corner with a shotgun dropkick.

Raju dumped Trey to the floor as he and Bey took turns battering Suicide. Suicide managed to lock Bey in an abdominal stretch. When Trey rushed in, Suicide caught him as well, leaving Trey and Bey in a double abdominal stretch.

Raju knocked Suicide to the floor, leaving the other three competitors trading strikes. Raju got the best of Bey and Trey with a series of boots and elbow strikes. After dumping Trey on Bey, Raju hit a standing double stomp for a two-count.

Suicide rolled back in, hammering Raju with a roundhouse before dumping Raju in the corner with a top rope arm drag. Trey interrupted Suicide's offense, sending Raju into him for a neckbreaker/DDT combination.

Bey followed up, nearly rolling up Trey when Suicide rocked the Rascal with a forearm in the ropes. Bey took out Suicide with a wrecking ball dropkick and dumped Trey to the floor. Raju was next, but Bey overcame him as well.

Suicide taunted Bey and avoided Bey's dive through the ropes. He launched himself onto Raju and Bey with a diving senton. Trey followed that up with a running step up plancha. Back on the inside, Raju broke out of the pinfall by two. Bey stepped up and was met with a double stomp to the back of the head.

Suicide followed up and blocked the tilt-a-whirl tornado DDT. He picked up Trey for a stalling vertical suplex, allowing Chris Bey to land a cross body off the top. As Suicide went for the pin, Raju broke it up with a diving double stomp.

Bey avoided Raju's striking combination, sending him down to the mat with a spinning roundhouse. Suicide felt Bey's wrath next, taking a running forearm smash in the corner. However, Trey avoided Bey's attack.

Raju planted Trey with a rolling fishermans' neckbreaker before dropping him with a sit-out facebuster. Bey knocked out Raju with another kick, but was planted by Suicide with a pendulum facebuster.

Suicide took Trey to the top only for Trey to escape, catching Suicide with a cheeky nando's kick. Raju rushed in, only to get tripped up and sent into the middle turnbuckle. Trey knocked both of them across the ring with a 619. As Trey hit the diving meteora on Suicide, Raju managed to dump him to the floor, hoping to steal a win.

Bey, at this point, had recovered, and took out Raju with the axe kick to the back of the head.

Results: Chris Bey defeated Rohit Raju via pinfall.

Grade: B+

After the match, it was revealed that Jordynne Grace was unable to defend her Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie, as both were unable to make the taping. Instead, we would get Rosemary vs Havok in a Full Metal Mayhem Match.

We were shown an interview with Josh Mathews and IMPACT World Champion Tessa Blanchard who, also, was unable to make the tapings. Neither was Eddie Edwards, but her other challenger, Michael Elgin was there. In fact, he claimed that by the end of the night, he would be the new champion.

Blanchard said it didn't matter, as no matter what he pulled off tonight, to be the man, he would have to beat the woman.

Cousin Jake showed off some incredible power tonight!
Cousin Jake showed off some incredible power tonight!

Joseph P. Ryan vs Cousin Jake

Joseph Ryan attempted to throw hands with Cousin Jake, but the big man was just too strong for the former degenerate. Jake bounced Ryan back and forth between the turnbuckles but sent himself flying into the ring post when Ryan dodged his shoulder thrust.

Ryan kept up the pressure, attempting to work over and weaken Jake's left shoulder. He drove Jake's shoulder into the corners before taking him to the mat to wrench it further. Any time Jake managed to get some offense in, Ryan went back to the shoulder, including a great double knee shoulder breaker.

Jake finally managed to dump Ryan on his head with a back suplex and nearly took his head off with a lariat. As Ryan rolled to the floor to get some breath, Jake flew over the top, crashing onto his opponent and sending him into the steel barricade. Jake hit Ryan with a crossbody on the apron, and followed up on the inside with an impressive sit-out deadlift powerbomb.

Joseph Ryan, somehow, managed to kick out at two. Sweet Tooth Music nearly put Jake away. A second one was blocked, but Ryan was able to roll up Jake near the ropes, utilizing the ropes for the win.

Results: Joseph P. Ryan defeated Cousin Jake via pinfall.

We saw some footage of Rosemary sitting at a local bar, berating Taya Valkyrie for not being in the building for her match tonight. Valkyrie said that things weren't right in Slamtown. Her hair isn't curling right, she's wearing sweatpants, and honestly Jordynne Grace makes her sick.

Rosemary was happy to let her know that she wouldn't have to worry about Grace, because she couldn't make the show either. She tried to entice Valkyrie with a nice bloody war with Havok, but she declined. She instead said that when Rosemary won, they'd go on a girl's trip together to make it up to the Demon Assassin. Rosemary agreed.

If you don't love their friendship, you're dead inside.

Full Metal Mayhem did not disappoint!
Full Metal Mayhem did not disappoint!

Full Metal Mayhem: Havok vs Rosemary

The Demon Assassin said that there was no reason for them to fight now that James Mitchell was dead. Though, since she made Taya Valkyrie a promise, Rosemary hoped that Havok would leave the ring so they could end this peacefully.

Havok declined, forcing Rosemary to staple her repeatedly. Havok ripped it away from Rosemary's grasp, and Rosemary begged her to let it go, even claiming she'd leave the ring instead. Havok wasn't having any of it, stapling her in the back.

Rosemary managed to drop Havok with a sling blade after Havok set up the chair in the corner. She battered Havok with a street sign, but a big boot from the Kaiju Queen knocked it out of Rosemary's hands.

Rosemary avoided an attack in the corner, sending Havok into the chair. The Demon Assassin wrapped a steel chain around Havok, trying to choke her out while taunting her for murdering James Mitchell.

That only served to anger, and strengthen, Havok, who yanked Rosemary in for a backbreaker. A pair of destructive big boots in the corner left Rosemary nearly out cold. Havok placed a trash can lid on her face before booting her one more time.

Havok set up the chair in the middle of the ring, placing Rosemary's head in the seat. However, as she went for a whip with the chain, Rosemary rolled out, pulling Havok through the chair and into the corner.

Rosemary bounced Havok off the various corners as a mysterious woman, named Nevaeh by Madison Rayne, appeared behind the guardrail. Havok was yanked to the floor but dropped Rosemary with a samoan drop. As she picked up a trash can, Rosemary grabbed a hard hat and blocked the shot, allowing her to take out Havok with her own weapon.

On the inside, Rosemary set up a few chairs, looking to put Havok through the unforgiving steel. Havok, though, launched Rosemary into the corner chair, and drove Havok right into the steel chairs with a chokeslam.

Rosemary managed to kick out. As Havok choked out Rosemary with the chain, the Demon Assassin managed to find a lead pipe, hammering her longtime rival with two nasty shots, putting her down for good.

Results: Rosemary defeated Havok via pinfall.

Nevaeh, for those that don't know, has wrestled with Havok in promotions like Women of Wrestling and RISE as the Killer Death Machines. If she joins forces with Havok yet again, the Knockouts Division could be in for one rude awakening.

Big Mike had a big challenge waiting for him at Rebellion
Big Mike had a big challenge waiting for him at Rebellion

A year ago at Rebellion 2019, Michael Elgin debuted for IMPACT Wrestling and made the claim that he'd be IMPACT World Champion. A year later, and he was set to reach his goal. However, Tessa Blanchard and Eddie Edwards tucked their tails and ran away.

Elgin said that there was only one fitting thing they could do tonight. He asked a referee to come to the ring. He then handed a mic to IMPACT Wrestling ring announcer David Penzer, demanding that he enter the ring to announce him as the new IMPACT World Champion.

As the ref raised his hand, Elgin waited to be crowned the new champion. However, the lights cut off, and we heard the music of none other than Moose. Moose was wearing the classic TNA World Heavyweight Championship, a belt that was brought back for the TNA Homecoming show that had been delayed.

The former Grand Champion said he understood Elgin's pain. However, if he was looking for a world champion, Moose considered himself the new TNA Champion.

Elgin wasn't a fan of his comedy act, and was someone who respected the history of those letters. It looked like we were setting up for a one-on-one bout for the belt, but they were cut off by one of the TNA legends, Hernandez.

Supermex included himself in the bout, leading to a Triple Threat for our main event.

Michael Elgin vs Moose vs Hernandez

Elgin dove onto Moose and Hernandez with a big plancha, knocking down both big men. On the inside of the ring, The three men traded heavy handed blows. Elgin and Hernandez dumped Moose with a double hip toss before Big Mike focused on Supermex.

Hernandez fought off Elgin and caught him with the slingshot shoulder block. Moose knocked Hernandez on his back with a standing dropkick. Elgin then caught Moose with a northern lights suplex that earned him a two-count.

WIth Hernadnez and Moose set up in opposite corners, Elgin hammered them both with running clotheslines. However, some tandem offense saw Hernandez and Moose lay in some big clotheslines of their own, putting the hurt on Elgin.

Hernandez sent Moose to the floor for a dive but a dropkick to the knees from Elgin put him down. A single leg Boston crab to Hernandez forced Moose to get in the ring a little earlier than he wanted.

Elgin trapped Moose with the hold as well, but eventually was taken down by the former TNA Tag Team Champion. Hernandez took Elgin to the top for a superplex. The Unbreakable One sent Hernandez to the mat with some nasty elbows, following up with a missile dropkick. Hernandez kicked out at two.

Elgin, Moose, and Hernandez found themselves back inside the ring trading blows once again. Moose and Elgin traded boots while Hernandez followed up with some beefy clotheslines. Elgin knocked both competitors around, leaving them in the corners. Moose caught Elgin mid-run with a pump kick.

Elgin was set up for the Go To Hell, but Moose targeted Hernandez for a superplex. It connected, but Elgin dove onto Moose with a corkscrew senton, leaving all three men out on the mat.

When they made it to their feet, Hernandez came out on top in another trade, and nearly pinned Elgin with a big senton. Hernandez dumped Moose to the floor, but was pelted with a jumping enziguri from Big Mike.

Elgin set up for a lariat. Hernandez countered with a big boot, and looked to finish off the big man with the Borrder Toss. Moose intervened, and took out the TNA legend with a series of shoulder tackles. A pop-up powerbomb and a body splash earned him a nearfall.

Moose set up for the No Jackhammer Needed on Elgin, but was caught in a series of German suplexes instead. A discus clothesline to the back of the neck set Elgin up for a powerbomb. Hernandez broke it up, leading to a German. The former enforcer of LAX picked up Moose for a German, but Elgin rushed in, turning it into a double German suplex.

Moose managed to catch Elgin with the Go To Hell, but his pin was broken up by Hernandez, stopping a certain victory. Moose's No Jackhammer Needed was countered with a Pounce as Hernandez nearly sent him to the floor.

A discus clothesline form Elgin took Supermex down. Another lariat connected, and Elgin dropped Moose with a pop-up powerbomb and buckle bomb. Moose managed to bounce off the turnbuckle for No Jackhammer Needed.

Hernandez picked up Moose, and the two began trading gargantuan blows again. However, a one-arm spinebuster spiked Moose. Elgin tried to steal it, but couldn't get the victory. A buckle bomb sent Hernandez to the corner. THe Elgin Bomb wouldn't given Elgin the win, but Moose yanked the ref to the floor.

Elgin punished Moose with a wrecking ball dropkick. Big Mike then punished the ref for failing to get the count off, allowing Hernandez to hit a dive. Hernandez rolled back inside, but was cut in half by the No Jackhammer Needed Spear.

Results: Moose defeated Hernandez via pinfall.

Moose demanded the referee hand him the TNA World Championship, and told the ring announcer to announce him as such.

Look who just challenged Randy Orton right here.

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