IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion Results: New Champions crowned; Former WWE star makes debut

New champions crowned and new faces debuted for IMPACT Wrestling
New champions crowned and new faces debuted for IMPACT Wrestling
Greg Bush
Modified 26 Apr 2021
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Welcome to IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion. Our all-star main event, Rich Swann vs Kenny Omega, was enough to sell this pay-per-view to fans. However, IMPACT Wrestling managed to deliver a stacked card.

Every title in IMPACT Wrestling was on the line tonight. Deonna Purrazzo and Tenille Dashwood squared off for Knockouts gold, as did Fire 'N Flava and their challengers, Jordynne Grace and the debuting Rachael Ellering.

FinJuice returned from NJPW to defend the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Titles against The Good Brothers in a big rematch. All that plus two hellacious grudge matches that stole the show.

The night started off with the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship Triple Threat Match. TJP and Josh Alexander looked set to rip the gold away from 'The Inevitable' Ace Austin.

IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship Match: TJP vs Josh Alexander vs Ace Austin (c) w/Madman Fulton

These three kicked off the night attempting to get a quick win. Ace Austin shook off an ankle lock from Josh Alexander but was sent to the floor. TJP dropped Alexander to the outside and followed up with the triangle dropkick. Back in the ring, Austin and TJP went on one-on-one.

Austin managed to hit both challengers with the Fosbury Flop, and the two-time IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion brought TJP back in for a near fall. He went to slice the webbing of the fingers with the playing card, but the ref pulled it away.

That allowed Josh Alexander time to get back in and drop Austin on his head with a series of German suplexes.

Austin tried to block the third, but a straight jacket German spiked him high. As Alexander set up for Divine Intervention, TJP made the save.

Austin and Alexander took out TJP, and Ace followed up with a springboard buzzsaw kick to Josh's jaw. The Fold was stopped when TJP rocked Austin in the corner with a running boot.

The IMPACT Wrestling veteran found himself on the top as Ace and Alexander followed. Alexander won the fight up top, bringing both men down with a double superplex.

TJP and Alexander threw elbows while Madman Fulton tried to wake up his ally. Alexander didn't allow it, hitting that sliding crossbody through the ropes.

TJP and Ace were left in the ring, and the former delivered the Eye of the Hurricane to the champion. The Mamba Splash connected, but The Walking Weapon of IMPACT Wrestling broke up the pin with an ankle lock. TJP managed to turn it into the TJP Clutch, and Alexander grabbed ahold of Ace's ankle.

As Alexander sent TJP to the floor, he set up to snap the ankle of the champ. Before he could, TJP trapped him in an Octopus Stretch. He broke his hold before Austin could hit The Fold, laying out Alexander.

TJP set his opponents up in the bottom corner for a running boot. As he went for a second, Fulton tripped him up. The facebuster connected, but Ace's Fold was countered by Alexander, who caught him and dumped him on TJP.

The Divine Intervention spiked TJP, and Austin was barely able to break it up. Ace was caught in the ankle lock with a grapevine, only for TJP to fall from the heavens onto Alexander with a Mamba Splash.

Alexander and Ace sent TJP into Fulton, eliminating them from the equation. With that, Alexander spiked Austin with the Divine Intervention for the win.

Results: Josh Alexander defeated Ace Austin via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion.

Grade: A

Josh Alexander finally caught his first singles IMPACT Wrestling Championship. What a way to do it with a phenomenal X-Division bout against two of the best.

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Published 26 Apr 2021
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