IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion Results: New Champions crowned; Former WWE star makes debut

New champions crowned and new faces debuted for IMPACT Wrestling
New champions crowned and new faces debuted for IMPACT Wrestling
Greg Bush

Welcome to IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion. Our all-star main event, Rich Swann vs Kenny Omega, was enough to sell this pay-per-view to fans. However, IMPACT Wrestling managed to deliver a stacked card.

Every title in IMPACT Wrestling was on the line tonight. Deonna Purrazzo and Tenille Dashwood squared off for Knockouts gold, as did Fire 'N Flava and their challengers, Jordynne Grace and the debuting Rachael Ellering.

FinJuice returned from NJPW to defend the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Titles against The Good Brothers in a big rematch. All that plus two hellacious grudge matches that stole the show.

The night started off with the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship Triple Threat Match. TJP and Josh Alexander looked set to rip the gold away from 'The Inevitable' Ace Austin.

IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship Match: TJP vs Josh Alexander vs Ace Austin (c) w/Madman Fulton

These three kicked off the night attempting to get a quick win. Ace Austin shook off an ankle lock from Josh Alexander but was sent to the floor. TJP dropped Alexander to the outside and followed up with the triangle dropkick. Back in the ring, Austin and TJP went on one-on-one.

Austin managed to hit both challengers with the Fosbury Flop, and the two-time IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion brought TJP back in for a near fall. He went to slice the webbing of the fingers with the playing card, but the ref pulled it away.

That allowed Josh Alexander time to get back in and drop Austin on his head with a series of German suplexes.

Austin tried to block the third, but a straight jacket German spiked him high. As Alexander set up for Divine Intervention, TJP made the save.

Austin and Alexander took out TJP, and Ace followed up with a springboard buzzsaw kick to Josh's jaw. The Fold was stopped when TJP rocked Austin in the corner with a running boot.

The IMPACT Wrestling veteran found himself on the top as Ace and Alexander followed. Alexander won the fight up top, bringing both men down with a double superplex.

TJP and Alexander threw elbows while Madman Fulton tried to wake up his ally. Alexander didn't allow it, hitting that sliding crossbody through the ropes.

TJP and Ace were left in the ring, and the former delivered the Eye of the Hurricane to the champion. The Mamba Splash connected, but The Walking Weapon of IMPACT Wrestling broke up the pin with an ankle lock. TJP managed to turn it into the TJP Clutch, and Alexander grabbed ahold of Ace's ankle.

As Alexander sent TJP to the floor, he set up to snap the ankle of the champ. Before he could, TJP trapped him in an Octopus Stretch. He broke his hold before Austin could hit The Fold, laying out Alexander.

TJP set his opponents up in the bottom corner for a running boot. As he went for a second, Fulton tripped him up. The facebuster connected, but Ace's Fold was countered by Alexander, who caught him and dumped him on TJP.

The Divine Intervention spiked TJP, and Austin was barely able to break it up. Ace was caught in the ankle lock with a grapevine, only for TJP to fall from the heavens onto Alexander with a Mamba Splash.

Alexander and Ace sent TJP into Fulton, eliminating them from the equation. With that, Alexander spiked Austin with the Divine Intervention for the win.

Results: Josh Alexander defeated Ace Austin via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion.

Grade: A

Josh Alexander finally caught his first singles IMPACT Wrestling Championship. What a way to do it with a phenomenal X-Division bout against two of the best.

Next up on IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion was the eight-man tag team match between Violent By Design and Team IMPACT. Unfortunately, Eric Young injured his knee, but the multi-time IMPACT Wrestling World Champion had a big name brought in to replace him.

James Storm, Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards, and Willie Mack vs Violent By Design and W. Morrisey w/Eric Young at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion

The big replacement was W. Morrisey, formerly known as Big Cass in WWE. EY sat at the top of the ramp as Eddie Edwards kicked off this IMPACT Wrestling eight-man tag team match with Joe Doering.

Edwards was taken to Violent By Design's corner but was able to break away when Deaner entered the fray. Willie Mack and James Storm tagged in, battering their opponent around the ring. When Deaner got to his corner, he brought in the giant W. Morrisey.

Morrisey's IMPACT Wrestling debut was more than dominant. A big boot launched Storm to the floor, and heavy clubbing shots left the Cowboy in dire straits. Rhino was in next but failed to keep Storm from his corner. Mack and Deaner tagged in, with Chocolate Thunder slamming his opponent for a big leg drop. A fireman's carry spinebuster planted Deaner for a two-count.

Sabin and Edwards teamed up, laying out Deaner with a kicking combination in the corner and flying into Morrisey and Joe Doering on the floor. In the ring, a tiger driver from Edwards, a running kick from Sabin, and a splash from Mack would've put Deaner away.

Morrisey made the save and tagged in, and rocked a flying Mack with a big forearm. Edwards, Storm, Morrisey, Mack, Rhino, and Storm were brawling on the floor when Chris Sabin took Deaner over with a superplex, crushing everyone on the outside.

In the ring, Mack dropped Doering with a stunner, but he wasn't the legal man. Morrisey entered the ring and countered a stunner with a big boot that took Mack's head clean off. The East River Crossing planted Mack square in the middle for the win .

Results: W. Morrisey defeated Willie Mack via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion.

Grade: B-

Violent By Design emerged successfully. The question is, has W. Morrisey joined their cause for good? If so, can anyone in IMPACT Wrestling stop them?

Brian Myers vs Matt Cardona at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion

IMPACT Wrestling's Most Professional Wrestler kicked this match off with a middle finger to his former best friend. Matt Cardona set up the Broski Boot in the corner, but Brian Myers managed to roll to the floor just in time. Cardona countered a suplex on the floor, turning it into a neckbreaker.

Myers was stunned with a jawbreaker in the ring but caught Cardona bouncing off the ropes with that sliding leg trip. Matt fell face first, and couldn't recover before a series of elbow drops from Myers connected.

Eventually, Cardona was able to catch Brian in the corner. A big clothesline dumped Myers on the bottom, but the running boot missed again. However, Brian Myers was caught by that boot through the ropes, sending him to the ramp.

Radio Silence followed, driving the back of Myers' head into the ramp. The IMPACT Wrestling official checked on both men but deemed them both capable of continuing.

Myers tripped Cardona up on the apron and followed up with a devastating spear. At the top, Myers hit a pinpoint elbow drop for a near fall. Cardona responded with the Unprettier, getting a two-count. Myers countered Radio Silence, and Matt fell awkwardly on his left leg.

As Myers set up for the Roster cut, the ref called for more IMPACT Wrestling officials to help check out Cardona. Myers helped his "friend" to his feet before decapitating him with a short-arm lariat. After that, the Roster Cut finished the job.

Results: Brian Myers defeated Matt Cardona via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion.

Grade: B

IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering w/Jazz vs Fire 'N Flava (c)

Rachael Ellering made her IMPACT Wrestling debut in this tag team title bout. Tasha Steelz was shaken early, forcing her to tag out to Kiera Hogan. Ellering easily overpowered the champions, and stood out of a side headlock, driving Hogan into her corner.

Jordynne Grace tagged in, and a sidewalk slam/running big boot dropped Hogan for a near fall. The former IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion eventually lost control thanks to the tag team expertise of Fire 'N Flava. Steelz left Grace in the corner for Hogan's rounding sliding boot to the jaw. Grace barely kicked out of it.

Grace broke up their tempo when she avoided Hogan's big boot, sending her into Steelz instead. A spinebuster planted Hogan, and Jordynne managed to get to Rachael Ellering. The IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions struggled to keep up with Ellering.

A nasty STO and Minnesota Nice leg drop nearly gave her the big win. Grace tagged in and the powerhouses crushed Hogan with a gutbuster/diving splash. Luckily for Hogan, Steelz broke it up.

The challengers were rocked with a pair of missile dropkicks, and Ellering fell to the floor. Jazz attempted to push her back to her corner while Jordynne Grace countered a double suplex, taking both opponents overhead.

Steelz was launched over the ropes, but she managed to catch Ellering on the way down, hitting a cutter on the apron. Grace followed with a dive, as did Hogan. Back in the ring, Ellering was dazed with a big superkick but blocked the fisherman's neckbreaker.

A fisherman's suplex into a spinebuster was too much for Hogan, and Ellering captured gold in her first IMPACT Wrestling match.

Results: Rachael Ellering and Jordynne Grace defeated Fire 'N Flava via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion.

Grade: A-

Last Man Standing Match: Sami Callihan vs Trey Miguel at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion

The former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion started strong with a slam over the ropes, sending Trey Miguel careening to the floor awkwardly. Trey made it back to his feet at seven, and Sami Callihan slammed him again on the floor.

Trey Miguel managed to respond with a hurricanrana off the ropes that sent Callihan face-first into the steel barricade. He followed with a suicide dive, but Sami moved out of the way.

Trey seemingly broke his hand and ribs in the crash. He struggled for a while to defend himself, giving the former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion time to set something nasty. A pop-up powerbomb onto a crate left Trey writhing and holding his spine.

The Draw of IMPACT Wrestling grabbed a wrench and tore at the mouth of The Rascal. Miguel screamed and howled in agony as Callihan cracked an evil grin. A chair was launched into Trey's head, and he was just too hurt to avoid it.

Callihan continuously broke the ref's count to dish out more punishment. A facebuster on a pile of chairs in the ring probably would've ended the match if Sami hadn't wanted to send a message.

Trey avoided a shot with the wrench. A scorpion kick and rolling STO into the chairs gave Trey just enough time to gain the upper hand. A table was set up upside down, and Trey looked to suplex him onto the legs.

Sami blocked, however, and seemingly cracked his back with a body slam onto the legs. A chair was driven into Trey's dome, and he was left out in the corner.

With a table set up in the corner, Sami drove Trey onto the table with the Cactus Special. The table didn't break, but the legs did. Outside the ring, Callihan brought out another table.

The steps were placed on their side, and Callihan went for another Cactus Special. IMPACT Wrestling's Callihan Death Machine, after going after the groin, spiked Trey on the steps.

After that, Trey Miguel was left under the steps for the count. Trey slid through the bottom of the ring and caught Callihan gloating. A running cutter off the steps into a table left Callihan and Trey down, but the latter was able to get to the barricade and pick himself up for a major win at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion.

Results: Trey Miguel defeated Sami Callihan at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion.

Grade: A

Rich Swann cut a phenomenal promo ahead of his main event match tonight at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion. Would he be able to walk out with both the IMPACT Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship and the AEW World Championship tonight?

IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Title Match: The Good Brothers vs FinJuice (c)

The IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions took over early, with David Finlay and Juice Robinson surprising Karl Anderson. Juice slammed his partner onto Anderson and followed up with a big back suplex.

Anderson made it to his corner, but Juice and Finlay were able to damage the Big LG's arm. A double bulldog bounced Doc Gallows off the mat for a two-count. The Good Brothers finally got into the match when Gallows knocked Finlay's head off with a boot on the floor. Back in the ring, Gallows hit his big corner combo to the sternum.

A big roundhouse dropped Finlay for the two-count. He found himself in the neutral corner and was able to bring the former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champion down with a diving European uppercut.

Anderson tagged in, but couldn't prevent the tag. Juice Robinson ran wild on The Good brothers. A series of elbows and a jumping senton to Anderson allowed Juice to take on Gallows.

Back in the ring, Juice hit the punching combination, inverted atomic drop, and leaping roundhouse. A cannonball in the corner crushed IMPACT Wrestling's Machine Gun for a two-count. The backbreaker/diving elbow combo from FinJuice connected, but Gallows broke up the pin.

They sent Gallows to the floor, but he was able to stop the Doomsday Device. Anderson hit a neckbreaker on Juice as Finlay was sent to the floor. A back suplex/neck breaker combination from The Good Brothers was enough for a near fall. Finlay broke up the Magic Killer, and Juice rolled up Karl Anderson for the win.

Results: FinJuice defeated The Good Brothers via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion.

Grade: B-

FinJuice retained the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Titles, managing to beat The Good Brothers twice in a row.

Don Callis cut a promo on Rich Swann in place of Kenny Omega, vowing that he would be an orphan going home without his toy after IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion. Tonight, Omega would walk out with both world titles.

IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship: Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb with a K vs Deonna Purrazzo (c) w/Kimber Lee and Susan

The IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion went for the Fujiwara armbar early, forcing Tenille Dashwood out to the apron. Deonna Purrazzo brought her back in for a Gory Special and launched her face-first into the turnbuckle.

Purrazzo trapped Dashhwood in the Paradise Lock, working over the back and arms. Dashwood stood up, sending Purrazzo overhead. IMPACT Wrestling's Virtuosa and the Instagram Model traded big forearms, boots, and clotheslines that left both women down on the mat.

In the ropes, Dashwood locked in the Tarantula before hitting a big diving crossbody for a near fall. Purrazzo responded with some German suplexes, but a third was stopped when Dashwood rocked her with rapid-fire elbows to the head. A butterfly suplex into the corner set up for the Taste of Tenille.

Dashwood hit a second one before going for the pin and getting a two-count. In the middle of the ring, Tenille was able to lock in the Muta Lock. Unfortunately, Kimber Lee and Susan distracted the ref to make the save. Kaleb with a K tried to take them out, but Kimber tossed him into the ring post and barricade.

The IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion dazed Dashwood with a big boot. The falling headbutt missed, though, and Dashwood kicked her head off with the Spotlight Kick. Again, Kimber and Susan made the save, this time pulling Dashwood off the pin.

A rolling exploder suplex dumped Dashwood on her head, but she was able to escape the Venus De Milo. Another big boot from Deonna rocked Dashwood, and the Queen's Gambit bounced Dashwood's face off the canvas.

Results: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Tenille Dashwood via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion.

Grade: B+

After the match, Purrazzo's crew began attacking Dashwood. However, the former IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts legend Taylor Wilde appeared, making the save and dominating Kimber and Susan while Deonna bailed to the floor.

Title for Title Match: Kenny Omega (c) w/Don Callis and The Good Brothers vs Rich Swann (c) w/Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion

For this major IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion main event, we had two referees. Brian Hebner covered the bout for IMPACT Wrestling while Aubrey Edwards was brought in for All Elite Wrestling. Mauro Ranallo would also join D-Lo Brown and Matt Striker for this historic event.

Rich Swann was at a significant size disadvantage in this match. The IMPACT Wrestling Undisputed World Champion was hit with a big shoulder block. A little disrespect from Kenny Omega fired up Swann.

Rich Swann sent Omega to the floor and followed up with a dive through the ropes. He moved back up top, hitting a phoenix splash off the turnbuckle and crashing into the AEW World Champion.

Swann fired up, chopping and punching Omega around the ring. Kenny turned things around with a high-angle belly-to-back suplex. A back suplex on the apron hit as well, though Swann was able to block Omega's attempt on the barricade.

A nasty mule kick to the gut stunned Omega, but he launched Swann's head first onto the apron. Back in the ring, a buckle bomb and fisherman's neck breaker continued to focus on that newly created weak point. A pendulum backbreaker and modified bow and arrow saw Swann nearly bent in half.

Rich was able to counter Omega, rocking him with a mule kick to the jaw and hitting a big splash for a near fall. Kenny Omega fought back, battering the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion with chops and clubbing elbows. Swann only fired up and began trading strikes with the Best Bout Machine. A flying clothesline and hurricanrana sent Omega into the corner.

Omega found himself on top, and after a step-up enzuigiri from Swann, he was launched to the middle of the mat with a leaping hurricanrana. Omega and Swann battled to the top once again, and again the latter got the better of Kenny. Swann dumped Omega from the top onto his neck.

A Frog Splash connected, and Swann was merely a millisecond away from victory. Omega fought back with the Dr. Wily gut-wrench sit-out powerbomb. Swann struggled to get to his feet, but he was rocked with a V-Trigger.

Omega's One Winged Angel failed, but a rolling heel kick to the back of the neck left Swann out on his feet. Another V-Trigger in the corner cracked Swann in the face.

Omega took Rich up for an avalanche One Winged Angel, falling backward and bringing Omega down for a sunset flip. Again, Swann was just a whisker away from victory.

IMPACT Wrestling VP Scott D'Amore was sweating bullets the longer this match went on. Swann hit a superkick but was hammered with another V-Trigger. Two snap dragon suplexes left Swann in a heap on the mat. A third was blocked and Rich caught Kenny with a standing cutter. As Swann went for his handspring cutter, Omega sent IMPACT Wrestling official Brian Hebner into the move.

As Aubrey Edwards checked on Edwards, Omega grabbed a chair. Edwards yanked it out of his hand, though, allowing Swann to hit his cutter. Omega missed a V-Trigger and was rocked with the Swann Song. The Spinning Michinoku Driver earned a two-count. IMPACT Wrestling's Brian Hebner was back in it at this point.

A straight kick to the jaw set Swann up for the Phoenix Splash. Unfortunately, a V-Trigger was all that was waiting for Rich. As Omega went for the One Winged Angel, he changed the move into Croyt's Wrath. Swann kicked out of that and the Jay Driller.

The IMPACT Wrestling World Champion more than proved himself tonight but was unable to avoid another V-Trigger. Another one hit the mark, and the third would've but Swann fell forward on his face. Omega set Swann up in the ropes, in front of Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack, and drove his knee in for one final V-Trigger.

Somehow, Swann still had a fight left in him. A brainbuster planted Omega, and he went for that Phoenix Splash once again. Omega rolled out of harm's way, and a final V-Trigger knocked Swann's head off. The One Winged Angel connected, and that was all she wrote.

Results: Kenny Omega defeated Rich Swann via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion.

Grade: A

Kenny Omega is now the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion. What's that mean for IMPACT Wrestling? What's that mean for AEW? We'll have to tune into both Dynamite and IMPACT this week to find out.

Edited by Alan John
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