IMPACT Wrestling Results: Another NJPW star set to debut; Kenny Omega nearly stripped of title

Chris Bey returned to kick off IMPACT Wrestling; the champion sent a message to the entire roster
Chris Bey returned to kick off IMPACT Wrestling; the champion sent a message to the entire roster
Greg Bush

History was made at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion. Several new champions were crowned, including Kenny Omega, who became the AEW and IMPACT Wrestling World Champion. It was a stellar match up and saw Rich Swann leave everything in the ring but come up just short against the Best Bout Machine.

Josh Alexander also captured the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship while Jordynne Grace and her new partner Rachael Ellering defeated Fire 'N Flava to win the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Titles. It was a great show, arguably one of the better pay-per-view events of the year.

IMPACT Wrestling followed it well, with an episode full of qualifying matches and an X-Division Title bout. The show started off with Scott D'Amore's office being crowded by the roster, as they all wanted a shot at Kenny Omega.

IMPACT Wrestling Co-VP Scott D'Amore opened the show officially with the roster around the ring. D'Amore addressed the story regarding Kenny Omega and the world title. On May 15th, IMPACT Wrestling Under Seige, there's going to be a six-way match to determine Omega's No. 1 contender.

That is...unless Kenny Omega failed to get to the show tonight. If that were to happen, Omega would be stripped of the belt and that match would crown the new champion. As far as who would be in that six-man? It's time for some qualifying matches, folks, and the first one was up next.

Jake Something had impressed Scott D'Amore and everyone at IMPACT Wrestling since venturing out on his own. He had a shot at the big times tonight and went toe-to-toe with the returning Chris Bey.

Jake Something vs. Chris Bey on IMPACT Wrestling

Jake Something battled the former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion while they were surrounded by the locker room at ringside. Something launched Bey around the ring, but Bey always seemed to land on his feet.

Bey countered a leaping senton, turning it into a sunset flip. However, Something kicked out and hit that leaping senton again. Bey turned things around with some strikes in the ropes while avoiding the big man's paws. A diving crossbody earned Bey a near fall.

Something's powerbomb was countered, and bey hammered him with a big spinning back kick. It wasn't enough to put him down, and big Jake Something turned another kick into a sit-out powerbomb. Bey responded with a Code Red for a two-count.

Bey's cutter was blocked, and he rolled out to the apron to avoid that short-arm clothesline. Jake launched him over the ropes and back inside, trying to follow up with his big running shoulder thrust. Rohit Raju distracted Jake, though, allowing Bey to hit a running dropkick and use the ropes for the pin.

Results: Chris Bey defeated Jake Something via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: B

Don Callis told Kenny Omega to get here via his private jet, and when he turned around, he was face-to-face with IMPACT Wrestling's Draw, Sami Callihan.

He vowed that he'd be coming for what was his the second Omega made it to the building.

Taylor Wilde made her return to the company at IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion, saving Tenille Dashwood from a beatdown by Kimber Lee, Susan, and Deonna Purrazzo. Speaking of Tenille, she tried to talk Taylor into becoming her tag team partner. Wilde, like every other Knockout that's been asked, said no.

Sam Beale vs. W. Morrissey on IMPACT Wrestling

At IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion, W. Morrissey made his debut for the company. He replaced an injured Eric Young in the eight-man tag match and absolutely obliterated the competition.

Morrissey grabbed a mic just before the bell rang and spoke to the fanbase. He said that they may know his face, but they don't know him. This entire industry is filled with very bad people, and the only difference between himself and them is that he's not afraid to admit it. Just then, he ran through Sam Beale, crushing him in the corner.

A few right hands cracked Beale, and a club to the back sent him crashing to the canvas. Knee lifts, short-arm clotheslines, boots to the face. Morrissey completely dominated this man. A giant powerbomb put Beale out for good

Results: W. Morrissey defeated Sam Beale via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: C

The Curator of IMPACT Wrestling, Kimber Lee, vowed to get revenge on Taylor Wilde for putting her hands on Deonna Purrazzo. She was ready to do this with her two best friends by her side.

However, Purrazzo stopped her, stating that she would be sitting in the back and letting her do this on her own. Kimber was more than happy about the challenge.

After Kimber and Susan left, Purrazzo was confronted by the Kaiju Queen of IMPACT Wrestling, Jessik Havok.

Kimber Lee w/Susan vs. Taylor Wilde on IMPACT Wrestling

The IMPACT Wrestling return of Taylor Wilde happened at Rebellion, but her first match back was tonight. Kimber Lee looked to ruin the shine, rushing Kimber with a shotgun dropkick.

Wilde responded by rolling Kimber through for a sharpshooter attempt. Kimber blocked, hooking the heel and stomping out the ankle. The Crowned Jewel of IMPACT Wrestling worked over the spine of the legend, locking in a Camel Clutch while gripping Wilde's hair.

Kimber Lee distracted the ref so Susan could attack her with her shoe. It only seemed to wake Wilde up as she began to trade elbows with Kimber. A series of clotheslines and a tilt-a-whirl head scissors took down Kimber, and she nearly got the win with a body scissors takedown.

Wilde was able to pull out a victory when she locked in a modified Indian Death Lock.

Results: Taylor Wilde defeated Kimber Lee via submission on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: B-

Susan attacked Wilde after the match, but Tenille Dashwood made the save. A Spotlight Kick sent Susan flying through the ropes. Wilde wasn't exactly happy about Dashwood's interference, but Kaleb with a K? Ecstatic.

Mr. IMPACT Wrestling, Moose, was upset about having to jump through the hoops of this six-man match to get his shot at Kenny Omega. Who else could take back the IMPACT Wrestling Championship from the Best Bout Machine? Scott D'Amore said that, and since he's a five-star athlete, he shouldn't have any problems tonight.

Moose looked to knock some sense into D'Amore but was stopped by his opponent in the qualifying match next week, James Storm. That should be a great match. Speaking of great matches, it's time for the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship match.

IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship Match: Ace Austin w/Madman Fulton vs. Josh Alexander (c)

Josh Alexander brought Ace Austin down, working over the left arm with a wrist lock. A northern lights suplex took Austin overhead for the two-count. Ace struggled to get out of the starting gates but was finally able to wear down the champ with a series of kicks to the back of the knee.

With Alexander chopped down to the mat, Austin followed up with kicks and chops to Alexander. A jackknife pinfall gave Austin a two-count. Alexander sliced the fingers of the champ with his playing card, but Alexander worked through that pain and chased his challenger to the top rope.

The Walking Weapon of IMPACT Wrestling was sent crashing to the canvas, and Austin chased him with a series of running strikes. Alexander responded with the Chaos Theory, and if Alexander was able to get to him, he may have been able to pin Austin right there. Madman Fulton woke his ally back up.

Alexander picked up Austin for a one-armed torture rack spin-out release powerbomb. What a powerful freak of nature. Alexander hammered the spine of Austin but couldn't hit the Divine Intervention. Austin was locked in the ankle lock. Luckily for him, he broke out with a few kicks to Alexander's jaw, including a spinning back kick that seemingly knocked the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion out cold.

They moved to the apron, where Alexander dropped Austin with a World's Strongest Slam on the spine of the ring. Madman Fulton tried to save Austin but was driven into the steel steps. Austin dropped Alexander with the double-leg facebuster. The Fold missed, but the double jump disaster kick did not. Austin went low with a corkscrew senton, cracking the knee of Alexander.

Austin went for Divine Intervention, angering The Walking Weapon of IMPACT Wrestling. Alexander blocked and turned a springboard hurricanrana from Austin into a kneeling powerbomb backbreaker. A modified ankle lock forced the submission to end a phenomenal match.

Results: Josh Alexander defeated Ace Austin via submission on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: A

Backstage, Don Callis was speaking with the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Kenny Omega and found Johnny Swinger, who had a stooge ready to pick up Omega from the airfield.

Under Seige Qualifier: Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona on IMPACT Wrestling

In an IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion rematch, these former best friends and tag team partners faced off. Brian Myers got a cheap shot on Matt Cardona after Mr. Always Ready had his knee blown out during their match on Sunday.

Myers targeted that knee, slamming Cardona's leg on the canvas with knee breakers. Cardona took Myers to the floor and hit the wrecking ball dropkick, but it may have hurt him more in the long run after another awkward landing on the knee. Myers took advantage, dropping him knee first on the steel steps.

Back from the break, Myers continued to weaken that knee, even launching him knee first into the bottom turnbuckle. Myers repeatedly wrapped it around the ring post at high velocity, but Cardona was able to yank him face-first into the steel.

Back in the ring, a second rope missile dropkick rocked Myers. IMPACT Wrestling's Most Professional Wrestler went back to the knee and hit the Impaler DDT for a near fall. Myers set up for the Roster Cut, but Cardona countered as he ran in, hitting Radio Silence for the win.

Results: Matt Cardona defeated Brian Myers via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: B

It was another great match between these two. With Cardona picking up the win tonight, it's tied one all. Cardona moved onto the six-man match to crown the new No. 1 contender, but we all know Myers wasn't done with him just yet.

IMPACT Wrestling revealed another NJPW star would be making their way to the company. El Phantasmo was on his way, and he'd be making his debut next week.

Under Seige Qualifier: Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards on IMPACT Wrestling

Eddie Edwards started out the match with his longtime IMPACT Wrestling rival with a suicide dive. When we came back from the final commercial break, Edwards had Sami Callihan in the corner. Callihan, per usual, took over with a cheap shot.

After several minutes, a sitting jawbreaker countered a headlock. Edwards followed with a top rope rana and continued to build steam. A series of elbows battered The Draw of IMPACT Wrestling, and a blue thunder bomb earned Edwards a two-count.

Callihan brought in Edwards for the Cactus Special, but he was attacked by IMPACT Wrestling and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and his cronies, The Good Brothers.

Results: Sami Callihan defeated Eddie Edwards via DQ on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: B-

The former tag champs dropped Sami Callihan with the Magic Killer. As Omega set up for a V-Trigger, they were attacked by the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions FinJuice. David Finlay and Juice Robinson, along with an exhausted Sami Callihan and nearly beaten Eddie Edwards, weren't enough for Omega and The Good Brothers.

Don Callis celebrated with the boys, telling the fans to join in and enjoy a real world champion in Kenny Omega. What's this mean for the six-man at Under Seige? Will Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan both be added to the mix? Scott D'Amore will surely have an answer next week.

Edited by Amar Anand
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