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IMPACT Wrestling Results (March 17th, 2020): Ken Shamrock makes career announcement, Will the North lose the Tag Team Titles? 

  • The man behind Reality is Lost finally revealed himself before catching Ken Shamrock with a fireball.
  • Ethan Page & Josh Alexander faced TJP & Fallah Bahh in one of their toughest title defenses yet. Would the North Fall?
Greg Bush
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Modified 18 Mar 2020, 08:30 IST

Ken Shamrock was met with a fireball by the man behind Reality Is Lost
Ken Shamrock was met with a fireball by the man behind Reality Is Lost

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing closings, cancellations, and postponements of various events and buildings, it's not surprising to have learned that IMPACT Wrestling has postponed all upcoming house shows and special events. Thankfully, they've got a few taped episodes left, giving wrestling fans a sense of normalcy.

Tonight's episode was pretty stacked, featuring several fantastic matches from the IMPACT roster. Ken Shamrock's big announcement was finally made tonight as well.

We kicked off the night with the IMPACT Tag Team Title match. The North has lost several matches against TJP and Fallah Bahh, both singles and tag team contests. Tonight, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander defended the belts against arguably their toughest opponents since LAX.

IMPACT Tag Team Championship Match: TJP & Fallah Bahh vs The North (c)

Ethan Page & Josh Alexander hammered Bah, but he shrugged off the shots and dumped Page to the floor. Tagging in TJP, Bahh dropped him with a belly-to-belly suplex. TJP followed up with a kneebar but was blocked. Page caught Alexander just as he was getting spun around in a tornado DDT, countering into a double Impaler.

Page tagged in, and the North began working over the former X-Division Champion. With the ring cut in half, TJP's back was weakened. Various stretches and backbreakers hindered the challenger's movement. A hand-off stalling suplex was countered, but Ethan Page distracted the ref, preventing him from seeing the tag to Bahh.

The North set up for another double team maneuver, but TJP was able to send Alexander into Page before dropping him with a double underhook gutbuster. Bahh finally tagged in and set up both champions in opposite corners for a series of running hip attacks. Page attempted a kick but his foot was sent into Alexander's face.

With Page dumped to the floor, Bahh planted Alexander in the middle of the ring with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. TJP tagged back in, but their offense was broken up when Page knocked TJP off the top. A nasty running crossbody through the ropes by Alexander wiped out TJP as we cut to commercial.


Back from the break, Alexander was still wearing out TJP with punches and chops. TJP escaped the North's corner and tagged Bahhh back in. TJ-B hit a double foot jawbreaker/running crossbody for a pinfall. Page, however, broke it up.

Alexander and TJP were at their feet first, leading to a striking contest between the two. TJP countered a ripcord discus lariat with a leaping back kick. Page took him out, but was laid out by Bahh. Alexander followed up with a German, but the big man rose back to his feet and knocked Alexander's block off with a massive clothesline.

Bahh took Page to the top, but was halted by Alexander. The Walking Weapon dropped him with an electric chair facebuster, while Page followed up by a Swanton from Page. The Monster Mash (Double neutralizer) failed to put Bahh away. Bahh took out the North with a pair of clotheslines before tagging in TJP.

TJP's wanton missed, but he caught Page in the TJP Clutch. Page crawled towards the ropes, forcing TJP to change to the STF. As Bahh attempted to hold Alexander back, they fell into the ref, distracting him just as Page tapped out.

TJP and Bahh sent Alexander to the floor where Bahh hit a massive suicide dive. Back inside the ring, Page sent Bahh into TJP and rocked the big guy with a roundhouse. With him on the floor, the North set their sights on TJP. He fought off the champs, sending Page away in order to spike Alexander with a Tornado DDT. However, they were eventually able to connect with the Northern Assault, retaining their belts.

Results: The North defeated TJP & Fallah Bahh via pinfall.

After the match, Eddie Edwards revealed the members of his LockDown team. Tommy Dreamer, Daga, and IMPACT World Champion Tessa Blanchard. However, LockDown has been postponed going forward.

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Published 18 Mar 2020, 08:30 IST
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