IMPACT Wrestling Results: New No. 1 contender revealed; FinJuice lay down a challenge

IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice just loaded up on some great match-ups
IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice just loaded up on some great match-ups
Greg Bush

We're closing in on IMPACT Wrestling: Sacrifice, taking place on March 13th. Tonight, several more matches were added to the PPV event, all based around the gold in IMPACT Wrestling.

James Storm battled Rohit Raju on BTI on Twitch. Chris Sabin backed Storm up in his corner while Shera joined the former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion. Though Shera did his best to interfere, The Cowboy would ultimately drop the Mocha Skin Manimal with the Last Call.

After the bout, Raju and Shera attacked the Motor City Beer Guns (working title). The feud isn't over yet, not by a long shot.

We kicked IMPACT Wrestling off with the long-awaited X-Division No. 1 Contender's Triple Threat Match. Okay, it's been a week, but it's been a long week waiting for what was sure to be one of the best matches of the week.

#1 Contenders Match for the X-Division Championship: Black Taurus w/Decay vs. Ace Austin w/Madman Fulton vs. Chris Bey on IMPACT Wrestling

Chris Bey and Ace Austin took turns wearing down Decay's newest demon. If they could take out the powerhouse, it would drastically improve their chances of winning. Though both Bey and Austin are former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champions, the wild card and beast Black Taurus was the most dangerous man in this match.

Taurus recovered, slamming Bey into Austin before turning Bey inside out with a discus clothesline. However, the smaller competitors were able to take Taurus to the floor with a pair of dropkicks, followed by suicide dives in stereo. After that, Bey and Austin wrapped up in the ring.

It was a dead-even contest, with both Ace and Bey having supremely athletic styles. Austin was set up for a big move by Bey, but as the Ultimate Finesser of IMPACT Wrestling set up for a springboard, he was yanked out of mid-air by Taurus. Austin tried to take out Taurus again but was caught mid-dive for a big slam onto Bey.

An impressive striking combination lit up Austin, who was then left on one leg following a knee breaker and thrust kick to the knee. Luckily for Austin, he was sent to the floor as Bey capitalized on a distracted Taurus. A slingshot DDT spiked the big man, but it wasn't enough.

A roundhouse rocked him, but Taurus found time while Austin and Bey fought at the top. Taurus caught a diving Bey, picking him up for a stalling suplex. Austin took advantage, hitting a pinpoint springboard missile dropkick and knocking down both competitors.

Taurus pounced Austin out of The Fold and nearly drove Bey through the ring with a pop-up Samoan Drop. Austin and Bey sent Taurus to the floor again, leading to Bey rocking Austin with a nasty wheel kick. However, as he went for the Art of Finesse, Madman Fulton yanked his legs out from under him, allowing Austin to catch him with The Fold.

Results: Ace Austin defeated Chris Bey via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: A+

This was everything a fan of IMPACT Wrestling would want from a top-tier X-Division match. There was no such thing as the "wrong winner" here.

The IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions interrupted Jordynne Grace and Jazz, who were being interviewed about their shot at the titles.

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