IMPACT Wrestling Results: Kenny Omega involved in Title vs. Title match; Sacrifice card finalized

Ace Austin and Chris Bey steal the show; Scott D
Ace Austin and Chris Bey steal the show; Scott D'Amore shocks IMPACT Wrestling and the world
Greg Bush

Welcome to the final IMPACT Wrestling before their next major event, Sacrifice. We still had a few matches to set up and some contracts to sign, which meant we had a lot of brawling to get to.

Scott D'Amore also had two huge announcements that would not only affect the world title scene in IMPACT Wrestling in a major way but shake the foundations of both IMPACT and AEW in the near future.

As exciting as all that was, the real entree of the night was Ace Austin and Chris Bey in an incredible X-Division match. Those two are the future of IMPACT Wrestling and put on a phenomenal contest near the end of the night.

Before we get to that, let's kick things off with some Knockouts action.

Tasha Steelz w/Kiera Hogan vs. Jazz w/Jordynne Grace on IMPACT Wrestling

The IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champion feigned respect for Jazz, taunting the living legend. Jazz caught her with an arm drag right out of a lock-up, leaving Steelz a little frazzled. Rolling to the floor, Steelz and Kiera Hogan tried to think up a game plan.

Tasha eventually got a handle on things, catching Jazz with a beautiful jumping neckbreaker for a surprise near fall. She kept Jazz in the corner, doing her best to keep her from firing up.

Some taunting, though, left Steelz open for Jazz, who made it out to the middle of the ring. Steelz caught her with a falcon arrow and locked in a modified crossface.

Jazz quickly escaped and battered Steelz with a series of strikes, leading to a big Samoan Drop. An STF locked in, forcing the submission victory for Jazz.

Results: Jazz defeated Tasha Steelz via submission on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: B-

At IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice, Grace and Jazz will challenge Fire N Flava for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Can they overcome the sheer brute force of Jazz and Thick Mama Pump?

Speaking of the Knockouts, ODB will challenge for the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship at Sacrifice. Tonight, though, she had her eyes on Susan, aka "Karen."

Trey Miguel found his student Sam Beale backstage, the guy that Sami Callihan walked away with last week. The Draw talked him into challenging The Rascal to a match, stating that Callihan claimed Miguel didn't have the passion.

Miguel said no initially but vowed to teach Beale a very valuable lesson. But was this what Callihan wanted all along?

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Edited by Amar Anand
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