IMPACT Wrestling Results (November 10th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

Would Rich Swann suffer a fate similar to Eddie Edwards? TJP looked to take the X-Division Title tonight
Would Rich Swann suffer a fate similar to Eddie Edwards? TJP looked to take the X-Division Title tonight
Greg Bush

We're four days out from IMPACT Wrestling Turning Point, and the rest of the card was quickly filled out. However, before we could get there, we had some business to handle tonight.

Rohit Raju put his IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship up against TJP tonight. If TJP lost, he could never challenge for it again as long as Raju was champion. Could The Desi Hitman finally put TJP in his rearview mirror?

Tommy Dreamer continued to investigate the attempted murder of John E. Bravo. This week, Dreamer put the IMPACT Wrestling locker room through a series of lie detector tests.

We kicked off the night with a Knockouts tag team match. With the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament beginning next week, these four wrestlers hoped to earn a little momentum on their way to championship glory.

Tenille Dashwood /Kaleb with a K and Madison Rayne vs Jessika Havok and Nevaeh on IMPACT Wrestling

Nevaeh and Madison Rayne started things off, with the five-time IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion managing to get the best of her opponent until missing a splash in the corner. A snapmare/clothesline combination forced her to run to her corner to tag in Tenille Dashwood.

Kaleb asked if this was Madison's first day, which didn't sit well with the Queen of IMPACT Wrestling. Dashwood punted Nevaeh in the face, leading to Havok entering the bout. Dashwood was in no hurry to square off against the Kaiju Queen, but was caught by the hair.

Dashwood managed to escape a powerslam, going for a sleeper. However, Havok backed her into the corner. Dashwood, again, escaped Havok's wrath and dropped her face first into the middle turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. The Taste of Tenille connected in the corner, only for a one.

Havok stood up, frustrated and furious, and Dashwood opted to let her tag team partner handle her. Rayne wasn't willing to do so, but was pulled through the ropes anyway. Havok launched Rayne into the corner of the Monsters of Madness, and they began tearing apart the IMPACT Wrestling legend.

Rayne managed to catch Havok with an enziguri, but the CrossRayne failed as Havok countered it into a Tombstone Piledriver for the win.

Results: Havok and Nevaeh defeated Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: B

Madison Rayne's definitely still got it, and maybe could have some success in the future IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Title Tournament if she found a partner that...well...cared about being in a team.

Backstage with Gia Miller, The Good Brothers were amped up about their opportunity against The North at Turning Point this Saturday. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows look to capture the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Titles. Tonight, though, Anderson will take on "The Walking Weapon" Josh Alexander.

Last week, The Big LG knocked out Ethan Page with a thrust kick to the jaw. Can The Machine Gun keep the momentum going for The Good Brothers?

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Edited by Alan John
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