IMPACT Wrestling Results (March 16th, 2021): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

The Invisible Hand has harsh words for the IMPACT World Champion
The Invisible Hand has harsh words for the IMPACT World Champion
Greg Bush

At IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice, several new champions were crowned. Rich Swann captured the TNA World Title, combining it with the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship to become the Undisputed Champ. TJP lost his X-Division Championship to Ace Austin, making The Inevitable One the youngest to ever hold the title twice.

FinJuice also won the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Titles from The Good Brothers, taking the gold not just from Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, but the company itself.

Tonight followed up on the insanity that was Sacrifice. Rich Swann looked set to address AEW Champion Kenny Omega but was interrupted by a friend of The Best Bout Machine. FinJuice was confronted by The Good Brothers regarding a rematch for the gold, and Ace Austin had a line of challengers waiting for him.

Our main event saw Trey Miguel and Sami Callihan face off in a vicious war, with Trey looking to prove his dedication to IMPACT Wrestling.

We kicked things off with the tag team champions as they faced off against XXXL.

FinJuice vs XXXL on IMPACT Wrestling

Larry D kicked it off with one of the new IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champion Juice Robinson. FinJuice took the big man down after Juice made it to Dave Finlay.

The champs lit up Larry with some great tandem offense but failed to elevate Larry D for the flapjack. Acey Romero tagged in and ran right through them with a running crossbody. Juice tried to brawl with IMPACT Wrestling's heavy high flyer, but Romero absorbed every punch and responded with a rolling chop block.

Juice escaped from a running splash and tagged out to Finlay, who managed to light up Acey and Larry D. A missile dropkick rocked Larry, and Finlay managed to avoid an elbow drop from Acey, sending him into Larry instead. FinJuice took care of Romero and dropped Larry with a double flapjack. Dave Finlay's Acid Drop connected, giving the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions a great victory to kick off their reign.

Results: FinJuice defeated XXXL via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: B+

Immediately after the match, FinJuice were met by The Good Brothers. Karl Anderson blamed Doc Gallows for losing before the Big LG reminded him that he was the one who got pinned. They made up excuses, claiming that they've been exhausted between IMPACT Wrestling and AEW Dynamite. Along with teaching his kids over Zoom, Karl Anderson was exhausted.

Gallows followed up, stating that they wanted their rematch against FinJuice. The champs agreed, but said they were about to head to NJPW and The Good Brothers would have to wait until April to get their shot.

Former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Sami Callihan cut a promo on Trey Miguel, claiming he faked his passion for the business. It was easy for Callihan to talk his student into attacking Trey because he wasn't convinced of his teacher's dedication to professional wrestling.

Tonight, Callihan promised to make an example out of The Rascal.

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Edited by Alex Turk
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