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Impact Wrestling (TNA) News: Matt Hardy continues to respond to Impact Wrestling's threats

Jamie Vaccaro
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Broken Matt Hardy

What’s the story? 

The Impact Wrestling/Broken Hardys saga has been quite the real-life soap opera since the Hardys left Impact Wrestling. Matt Hardy recently responded to the latest chapter in this brewing dispute and has continued to do so, with even more Tweets.

In case you didn’t know...

Matt Hardy revitalised his career when he reinvented himself as Broken Matt Hardy. The character was originally intended to be a heel but quickly got over with wrestling fans around the world for its over-the-top nature and Hardy’s performance.  

Matt was critically acclaimed for how he had revitalised his career with the character and everything was thought to be going as well as it possibly could.  

The Hardys’ contracts came up for renewal and the two sides were reportedly close to signing a new deal, but negotiations ultimately broke down when the brothers felt disrespected by the company.

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Matt and Jeff left Impact Wrestling on February 27th, 2017.  Since leaving the company, a legal battle has been raging between the two sides, with both parties claiming ownership of the “Broken” characters. The situation has even seen Matt’s wife get involved on social media, completely eviscerating the family’s former employer.

The most recent move, in this case, saw Impact Wrestling send cease-and-desist letters out to Ring of Honor Wrestling and the pay-per-view providers that were scheduled to carry ROH’s 15th Anniversary Show pay-per-view.

The letter resulted in the event being dropped from Dish Network entirely.

The heart of the matter

Matt Hardy took to Twitter yesterday to respond to Impact Wrestling’s cease and desist letters being sent out. His Tweets are as follows:

What’s next? 

It is currently unknown what the next step in the legal process will be at this time. The current belief is that the issue will make its way to a court hearing eventually.

Author’s Take

This entire situation is getting completely ridiculous. Impact Wrestling can not directly benefit from preventing the Hardys using the Broken gimmick. At this point, I believe that the only reason for Impact’s recent actions is to spite the brothers.  

Impact Wrestling would be wise to realise that they can actually benefit from allowing the Hardys to use the gimmick elsewhere, as people seeing the gimmick for the first time may be intrigued to seek out the origins of the gimmick.  

Hopefully, this situation ends up getting resolved soon.

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