Intercontinental Championship match teased for WrestleMania 36

Who will be the first person to challenge new Intercontinental Champ Sami Zayn?
Who will be the first person to challenge new Intercontinental Champ Sami Zayn?

As tensions have been rising between the Artists' Collective and the duo of Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak, the stakes were risen on the latest SmackDown. After Bryan and Gulak defeated Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro earlier in the night, Bryan challenged Zayn to an Intercontinental Championship match at WrestleMania 36.

Sami Zayn still blasted the Leader of the Yes Movement for taking advice from the former Cruiserweight Champ instead of himself. To prove that his new friend was legit, Bryan immediately challenged Zayn for the IC title.

Zayn, of course, made some hoops for Bryan to jump through as he required that Gulak face and defeat Nakamura next week just for the match to become a reality. Perhaps the current Champ is also jealous of the fantastic chemistry displayed by Gulak and Bryan since they joined forces.

With the potential for a title match being set for the Show of Shows, it stands to reason that Gulak will defeat Nakamura next week. A match for the title hadn't been announced after Zayn had toppled Braun Strowman for the title.

WWE has often waited until the last few weeks to book some of the matches for upcoming PPVs and it appears this time it's happening to the Intercontinental Championship. Whatever happens, many will be happy to see both Gulak and Bryan involved in the mid-card title picture.

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