Is Dexter Lumis married to Indi Hartwell in real life?

WWE stars Indi Hartwell & Dexter Lumis
WWE stars Indi Hartwell & Dexter Lumis

WWE RAW Superstar Dexter Lumis has been linked to Indi Hartwell multiple times due to their on-screen romance. The couple, known as 'InDex,' became a huge favorite of the audience in 2021.

Prior to the relationship storyline, Lumis was making waves on the developmental brand. He debuted his mystical 'Tortured Artist' gimmick and was a regular threat to former champions like Cameron Grimes and Johnny Gargano.

The Dexter Lumis-Indi Hartwell story apparently started in February when the latter hesitated in hitting Lumis with a steel chair during a match with Austin Theory. She developed feelings for her The Way teammate, terming him "hot" after the bout.

In April, Dexter Lumis and Bronson Reed teamed up with Shotzi and Ember Moon to fight The Way in an eight-person mixed tag team match. The dramatic showdown left Indi Hartwell unconscious, after which Lumis took her in his arms and exited the arena.

Hartwell finally proposed to her beloved on the August 17, 2021, edition of WWE NXT. It was right after the pair had won their first match as a tag team. They had a spectacular wedding on September 14, with Dexter choking out the priest to make way for Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix.

Some fans refuse to believe Dexter Lumis and India Hartwell are married in real life. As it turns out, their wedding vows on screen were kayfabe.

The Tortured Artist seemingly confirmed this during an interview with Sportskeeda, claiming that the "storyline" was relatable to the WWE Universe.

"I think the thing that makes it so loved and relatable is that the storyline is relatable, you know. It's like the girl chasing after this guy who's, you know, the parents don’t really approve of, and everyone's trying to pull her away from him," said Lumis.

Both Indi and Lumis haven't revealed much about their private lives, although Hartwell supposedly dated Australian wrestler Tome Filip in 2017-19.

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What are Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis up to in WWE?

InDex has had occasional bouts of romance on screen since Dexter Lumis moved to RAW. On NXT Heatwave, Hartwell received a letter from her husband, which had a drawing that said 'InDex Forever.' Shortly after that, in August 2022, Lumis popped out of the ring and embraced his on-screen wife to say his final goodbyes.

The 38-year-old is currently involved in a program with The Miz and Johnny Gargano. The A-Lister battled Lumis in a Ladder Match, which saw the return of Bronson Reed, who aligned himself with Miz and attacked the former NXT star.

Meanwhile, Indi Hartwell isn't part of any serious storyline. She performed and won an Iron Survivor Challenge Wild Card Triple Threat match in December 2022 against Fallon Henley and Wendy Choo.

Her last match on the brand was in a defeat to Elektra Lopez on the December 14 taping of the show.

What did you make of the InDex storyline? Let us know in the comments section below.

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