Is Roman Reigns' wife Galina Becker a wrestler?

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns' wife Galina Becker, who he met while in college

Roman Reigns' wife Galina Becker has mostly kept her personal life private, but some parts of it are shared with the public due to her husband talking about them in interviews. However, that wasn't always the case.

The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion has had a challenging yet rewarding path to the top of the Stamford-based promotion. Before even becoming a wrestler, he tried to kick off a career in football that didn't quite work out. Still, it's good to know that Roman had someone by his side through the ups and downs.

Galina Becker and Roman Reigns go way back, even before the latter began his wrestling career. The couple met in college while at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where they took management courses. While at university, the WWE Superstar also joined their football team.

Although Roman Reigns' wife Galina Becker is not a wrestler herself, she was incredibly active in sports. According to Pro Sports Bio, she was coached by notable NFL player Steve Nelson in high school where she played volleyball and track and field.

Galina Becker continued her track and field career in college, where she reportedly won regional titles for the triple and long jump. She completed the 100-meter hurdles, 100-yard dash, and more.

Before going private, Roman Reigns' wife worked as a fitness model, but it looks like motherhood has been taking up most of her time in recent years. Their first child, Joelle, who they also call Jojo, was born in 2008. Their first set of twin boys was born in 2016, and another set in 2020. The couple tied the knot in 2014.

Roman Reigns' wife and kids were the cause of his absence a few years ago

Fans knew that The Tribal Chief was battling leukemia, and due to his health, had to step away from the Stamford-based promotion for a bit when the pandemic hit. As it turns out, the reason for his absence was also regarding his family.

Reigns explained that the reason he was pulled out of his WrestleMania 36 match against Goldberg back in 2020 was to put the safety and comfort of his family first during the pandemic.

"For me, it was about putting my family first. And right there, if I had to retire, and that's what was gonna be asked of me, I was willing to do it. For one of the first times in a long time, I put my family—they were 1A. There was nothing that was gonna change my mind. I needed to go away and wait 'til we were in a place of better understanding of the process and knowing exactly what this virus has done and how it's affected everybody."

Although Roman Reigns is one of the biggest names in pro wrestling right now, it looks like he still prefers to separate his personal life from his professional one.

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