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Kofi Kingston thinks that Big E could do wonders with a singles run

01 Dec 2019, 08:25 IST

Kofi Kingston and Big E
Kofi Kingston and Big E

Kofi Kingston finally became a main-event star over the last year but he unceremoniously dropped the WWE Championship to current Champion Brock Lesnar. Due to an unfortunate injury to Xavier Woods, however, the former WWE Champion has been thrust back into the tag team division.

Since his teammate Big E has been a tag team specialist for the duration of his run in the New Day, Kingston recently commented that he thinks Big E could do wonders if ever given a singles run in WWE.

Big E's main-roster introduction

When the big man of the New Day initially debuted on the main roster in late 2012, it was as the muscle for Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. Both of his associates were in the middle of title pursuits and he was brought in to watch their backs.

The former powerlifter did win his first title on the main roster when he defeated Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Championship in 2013. But ever since that initial title run, Big E has primarily been used in the tag team division. Despite carrying the tag team ranks for the last five years, Kingston believes his teammate would shine if given the same opportunity he waited 11 years for.

"He could bring the world. Big E is a phenomenal competitor and just a really, really funny dude on so many different levels, easily the funniest one out of all three of us. Me and Woods say all the time, it’s not fair. He can just kind of look at you and have people dying laughing. He has his finger on the pulse of what is good in wrestling. He knows how to make things unique. I agree 100 percent that he would have an amazing singles run.”

A possible future?

The former NXT Champion has always been a talented wrestler regardless of which division he was competing in. He's a unique blend of size and speed and his outlandish personality has endeared him to the fans. Talk of a potential break up of the New Day is discussed in fan circles all the time, but the one fact that remains is that Big E is certainly a star that could help carry the WWE any time in the future. He just needs a shot.

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