Legendary announcer Hugo Savinovich reveals why The Fiend shouldn't be WWE Universal Champion (Exclusive)

The legendary Spanish commentator made quite a few valid points
The legendary Spanish commentator made quite a few valid points
Riju Dasgupta

I recently had a chance to interact with legendary Spanish commentator Hugo Savinovich who was the voice of the WWE product from 1994 to 2011. He is still very much involved in the wrestling business to this day.

In fact, he is currently putting together a show in Puerto Rico called Fight Forever: A Tribute to Bret Hart. Mr. Savinovich elaborated on why this tribute is happening:

"Bret Hart, to me, is a man that has done it all in wrestling. He's acted, he's done movies and TV and theater work. And he is such an excellent excellent performer that I believe that just the fact that the fans are going to have an opportunity for a 'Meet and Greet' with him and then we do the tribute in the ring; it will symbolize a man who dedicated his life, his career, and his talent for the good of professional wrestling".

Naturally, since I had access to the man who'd been around for the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and John Cena, I asked him if there could be breakout Superstars in the WWE roster of today:

"I think WWE has messed Roman Reigns up badly. He also had health issues. I think Vince pushed Roman Reigns, the Big Dog, very very badly. Not in the right way. And with Seth Rollins they were making the same mistake. When he beat Brock Lesnar, instead of that helping him, it hurt him. The same thing they did creatively when they made Baron Corbin defeat Kurt Angle in his last match. They are making big mistakes."

He would go on to pick out a handful of names that he believed had promise. However, he is still not certain that all of them are being used to their fullest potential:

"And as far as young talent, who have the potential of making it, there are a few people that I like. Mustafa Ali. I don't think they are using Daniel Bryan in the correct way right now. But anybody that you're going to put over, you're going to have to be careful of not overdoing it."

Mr. Savinovich would go on to talk about The Fiend, whom he considers to be the hottest character in WWE at the moment. He believes that The Fiend should not be holding the Universal Championship:

"Right now, they're making a mistake with The Fiend. I think The Fiend is a character that should not have the belt that he has. Because he's a character like Kane or The Undertaker. People love those characters. And you don't need to put a Championship on them. Not that you never should do it. But I believe that's a mistake. Right now, the hottest thing that the WWE has is The Fiend. The problem with WWE is that creatively, they overdo it and then what happens is, people get upset. And you know how fans are. Fans are the most passionate creatures in this world. And when you don't let them be a part of the Creative process, we have a big problem."

Mr. Savinovich honestly believes that WWE could be doing a lot more with the Firefly Fun House segments as well. This is what he believes:

"I think there's a lot of potential with the Firefly Fun House of doing something even more controversial to create this aura of danger. Bray Wyatt cannot control this monster inside of him. We've already seen a few mistakes in the writing of the segment. But I think that The Fiend need not just be an attraction but he could become a powerhouse in ratings and drawing people around the world. But you have to be very careful in remembering how you built somebody like The Undertaker, The Rock and Stone Cold. And the main thing is- let the fans make him big!"

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