Liv Morgan might have plotted Revenge Tour with another Judgment Day member instead of Dominik Mysterio 

Liv Morgan could be about to tear Judgment Day apart on her Revenge Tour.
Liv Morgan could be about to tear Judgment Day apart on her Revenge Tour [Images via WWE website]

Liv Morgan has been causing mischief on WWE RAW, mostly involving Dominik Mysterio and Judgment Day. On Monday night, she had an intimate moment with Rey Mysterio's son that stunned fans. This came after he unintentionally helped her successfully retain her Women's World Championship.

However, Dirty Dom might not be the faction's only member in cahoots with Liv Morgan. JD McDonagh has silently gone about his business since joining the stable, often becoming their fall guy. The Irish star barely gets an input when a big decision needs to be made.

The 34-year-old could have been plotting with Liv before her title run and Revenge Tour. A picture of Morgan went viral last month after a purple bandana was spotted in her pocket.

Fans initially assumed that it belonged to Dominik Mysterio. They believed it signified the start of her alliance with the former NXT North American Champion while Rhea Ripley was on the sidelines.

Yet, one eagle-eyed fan has pointed out that JD McDonagh often wears a purple bandana on his arm. This could be a major twist in the Judgment Day story, with Liv getting not only Dominik on the side but also The Irish Ace.

JD has recently hinted at frustrations with his role on Judgment Day. He was left with a bruised eye last month and explained how he was 'sore, tired and pi**ed off' in an angry X/Twitter post.

Judgment Day's JD McDonagh could have planned Liv Morgan's successful title defense with Dominik Mysterio


Liv Morgan beat Becky Lynch on WWE RAW thanks to Dominik Mysterio's assistance. Braun Strowman flew past Mysterio, sending him into the steel cage door that struck Lynch in the head. Morgan capitalized by escaping and retaining her title.

The consensus among many fans was that Dirty Dom knew what he was doing, as suggested by the kiss Liv Morgan planted on him post-match. That might not be the full picture, though, as JD McDonagh acted somewhat mysteriously throughout the night.

Was JD McDonagh in the know of Monday-s events beforehand?

The Irishman downplayed his recent lack of attendance with the group by arguing that he was trying to escape Braun Strowman. That adds up as he was beaten by The Monster of all Monsters earlier, but Damian Priest still questioned whether he's been too busy talking to Liv.

The Women's World Champion's Revenge Tour has lived up to its promise, and she's destroying Rhea Ripley's world during her absence. Besides Dominik Mysterio's recent antics, she may have just gotten another of Mami's Judgment Day allies to join her.

Liv Morgan could be set for a showdown with Rhea Ripley at SummerSlam


Rhea Ripley has been silent on social media throughout Liv's Revenge Tour. She was put on the shelf by the champion in early April after a backstage attack led to a shoulder injury.

The Eradicator hinted at her disappointment with seeing Dominik Mysterio getting close to Liv on RAW. She liked a post on X/Twitter that hinted at her bemusement with the situation involving Judgment Day.

Rhea is set for more months on the sidelines but a return could occur around July. This would be just in time for SummerSlam which takes place on August 3 and could be the final destination for her long-running feud with Liv.

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