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Monday Night RAW Season Premiere: 5 Botches and mistakes you may have missed this week 

  • Dominic made a huge mistake when he got physical with Brock Lesnar.
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Modified 01 Oct 2019, 19:38 IST

The season premiere of RAW was littered with botches
The season premiere of RAW was littered with botches

It was the final episode of Monday Night RAW ahead of this weekend's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view but it was also the season premiere of WWE this week which meant that the show was absolutely stacked.

The show kicked off with a huge shock as Rey Mysterio was attacked by Brock Lesnar, who later turned his attention to his son Dominic and unleashed a horrific attack on the teenager. The rest of the night saw several stars point out how criminal this act was even though none of them made the choice to come out and save the former World Champion from The Beast.

The buildup to Hell in a Cell continued as Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks had another war of words and The Fiend made a target out of Seth Rollins. Despite how stacked the show was this week, there were still many botches and mistakes that were able to make it onto live TV.

#5 Dominic wasn't ready for that F5

Dominic and Rey Mysterio were attacked this week on RAW
Dominic and Rey Mysterio were attacked this week on RAW

Dominic was in the front row for his father's Universal Championship match this week on RAW, but instead of Mysterio being part of a fantasy match against Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar made his way out to the ring and attacked the former World Champion.

Dominic watched in horror as Lesnar then approached him and dragged him out of the audience. It looked as though The Beast was then looking to deliver an F5, but Dominic was unable to get himself in position so instead, The Beast decided to take him spine first into the ring post.

The beatdown continued for another few minutes on Mysterio and his son, before Lesnar made his way to the back, it is thought that this will now lead into SmackDown Live and be the reason why Lesnar isn't able to lift the WWE Championship.

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Published 01 Oct 2019, 19:38 IST
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