Nevaeh: "If you're a great wrestler in IMPACT, you're going to be on top." [Exclusive]

We caught up with IMPACT star Nevaeh!
We caught up with IMPACT star Nevaeh!

IMPACT Wrestling has added a lot of new faces to their roster over the past few months, but Nevaeh has been one of the most explosive additions, adding to an incredibly stacked Knockouts Division.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with one half of IMPACT Wrestling's Killer Death Machines, and a Knockout who first appeared during the second night of Rebellion back in April - Nevaeh!

Sportskeeda meets Nevaeh

Nevaeh would officially debut against Kimber Lee in June, gaining a victory over her fellow IMPACT newcomer - who we caught up with last week.

Whether it be alongside Havok or on her own, Nevaeh has well and truly shone in what's proving to be an absolutely outstanding Knockouts Division in IMPACT Wrestling, most recently tearing the house down in a No Disqualification Tag Team Match against Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan last week - which she also opened up to us about.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Nevaeh all about her friendship with Havok, about Deonna Purrazzo and Jordynne Grace main-eventing Emergence, the potential return of Knockouts Tag Team Titles, and more!

You can watch the entire video of our interview with Nevaeh below, or read on for the full transcript.


Nevaeh, it's coming up four months since you debuted, I believe on the second night of Rebellion. The first question I need to ask is, with the Knockouts Division being so incredibly stacked in IMPACT, how are you fitting in so far?

I like to think that I hold my own there and I'm doing pretty well. Doing great there with all the Knockouts and everything going on. It's an honor to be there.

One woman you know VERY well and someone you've aligned yourself with is Havok. What are your thoughts on Havok and just why do you guys work so well together as a team?

I mean, I could gush over Havok for hours - but mostly, Havok and I have known each other for a very, very long time - most of our wrestling careers - and then we've been good friends outside of all that, so something about our chemistry and the way we can just look at each other and know exactly what needs to be done, and where need to go next. It's like an unspoken bond we have.

Next: Nevaeh discusses a potential return of the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Championships, and who she may team with if Havok wasn't an option

Sportskeeda meets Nevaeh

Our interview with IMPACT Wrestling star Nevaeh continues below.

Nevaeh and Havok are a formidable team!
Nevaeh and Havok are a formidable team!

If you look at the landscape of the Knockouts Division, then Nevaeh & Havok, and Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan would surely be the two first teams in IMPACT who come to mind if there was ever to be a return of the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

You wrestled a No Disqualification Match last week. I would not mind seeing a rematch of that bout for those belts! What do you think about the possibility of those titles being brought back to IMPACT?

I mean, I can't disagree with you. While I love fighting, I definitely love fighting for Tag Titles a lot more too, so I have all of my fingers, all of my toes, all of Havok's fingers and toes crossed to hope that IMPACT does get to reintroduce the Knockouts Tag Titles again.

I know I've been speaking a lot about how much you and Havok seem to just be the perfect pairing for a tag team. I want to go completely away from that.

Let's say if anything were ever to happen and Nevaeh and Havok maybe had a disagreement or a falling out, and were to no longer be aligned - or were no longer able to be a tag team for whatever reason - is there anyone else in IMPACT you'd like to team with to chase those Knockouts Tag Team Championships?

I don't know. I mean, watching right now, there was so much talent. I'm definitely familiar with Madison Rayne. She's someone I've been in a tag team with before and we did very well for ourselves, too.

I would have to say I would like to bring her back into the ring full-time if something crazy were to ever happen between Havok and .

That's not a bad backup at all, and Madison Rayne is a popular choice as that's who Kimber Lee chose too when I asked.

We've obviously not seen too much of Madison Rayne in the ring over recent years but she came back at Slammiversary recently. She didn't look like she missed a step, did she? She still looked brilliant.

I think that's why she is definitely the Queen Bee!

Next: Nevaeh discusses the excitement surrounding IMPACT Wrestling right now, and how exciting it is to be a part of the company

Sportskeeda meets Nevaeh

Our interview with IMPACT Wrestling star Nevaeh continues below.

Nevaeh has made quite the impression in IMPACT!
Nevaeh has made quite the impression in IMPACT!

Obviously, we've mentioned a lot of Knockouts, like Madison Rayne who is an IMPACT Wrestling veteran, and a legend - and maybe Nevaeh's future tag team partner - then we have people like Kimber Lee and yourself, Nevaeh, and who are very experienced wrestlers but who have only been in IMPACT for a few months each.

Following Slammiversary, the eyes of the world are on IMPACT. I know that's been years in the making. Have you felt any change since you have been there personally or is it now a case of, "Right, the eyes of the world are on us, we need to take our chance"?

I think it's one of those, anyone who is there wants to see the company grow and be on top, and prove that IMPACT does have one of the hardest working rosters around, in and outside of the ring.

Paying attention to social media alone, you can see that most of the roster is either in the ring training or in the gym. There is a constant battle, constant improvement and you never know who's going to pop up and you never know who you're going to have to battle with so it's legit one of those - always be ready.

That leads me to one of the things that I definitely want to ask you about. Aside from being either in the ring or in the gym, one of my very favorite things about IMPACT Wrestling - and it might be weird that it's one of my favorite things - is seeing Nevaeh and other IMPACT stars live-tweeting!

Every single Tuesday night, when IMPACT premieres on both Twitch and AXS TV, one of my favorite things are seeing yourself and a lot of other IMPACT stars live-tweeting the show and tweeting along with fans, and enjoying the show. essentially. It speaks volumes for the roster and the product.

Why does Nevaeh live-tweet the shows and what do you personally feel like it adds when you guys are watching along and enjoying the show?

I mean, for me, I love watching IMPACT. I've watched it for years and years and I think there's nothing better than self-promotion. If you have employees who love the company that they are working for and they have the enthusiasm for it, it definitely speaks for itself that we are all watching to see what's happening, what's next. "What is IMPACT going to do to shock the wrestling community next?"

For us, and especially with Wrestle House airing, it's just so exciting. When you're there and you're wrestling, and you're busy, you don't get to know everything that is going on and see everything. So, for us, it's, "Hey, let's watch the show and see this match and that match," and for me, it's, "I want to see my competition, I want to see who's improving, I want to see what's going on," so that's kind of the mindset of everyone. We want to be the best of the product so we are definitely keeping an eye on it.

Next: Nevaeh discusses IMPACT Wrestling's new recruits and reveals whether she'd like to see any others join the company

Sportskeeda meets Nevaeh

Our interview with IMPACT Wrestling star Nevaeh continues below.

Nevaeh and Havok are tearing up the Knockouts Division
Nevaeh and Havok are tearing up the Knockouts Division

So, we need to go back to what is actually happening in IMPACT and chat a little bit about Slammiversary - where a lot of new faces debuted.

Not only did Nevaeh make her pay-per-view debut, but we had Eric Young, The Good Brothers, EC3, Heath, and even Brian Myers coming in just after that. Those are a lot of names who will definitely bring eyes to IMPACT Wrestling. What were your thoughts when you found out those guys were coming in to IMPACT?

It was pure excitement. Myself, personally, I don't know all the details of what's going on with other people and who's coming in, so Slammiversary was just exciting as a wrestler as it was a fan.

After being there and that being such a big debut and such a big pay-per-view for me, it's like, "No wonder IMPACT is trending worldwide right now." There is no possible way we couldn't have been.

I love that and the fact we have an IMPACT talent in Nevaeh saying it was as exciting for the wrestlers as it was for fans because, man, the fans were very excited watching since, like you said, trending!

So obviously all the guys I mentioned there are, to put it simply, guys! I know we mentioned that Nevaeh and Kimber Lee are still fresh faces really - and the same can be said for Deonna Purrazzo - but is there anyone else you would like to see added to that already stacked Knockouts Division?

Not off the top of my head right now, no. I'm kind of one of those wrestlers that I don't watch to go, "Oh, who's good right now?" I watched to go, "Who am I wrestling next? Who do I have to prepare for?"

There is definitely enough talent to work through there without having to add any more as well. There are enough matches Nevaeh can have without having to add more on!

That Knockouts Division, we've mentioned the amount of talent there is absolutely ridiculous. If someone had just started watching IMPACT Wrestling - say at Slammiversary - who is the one woman, aside from yourself, that they should be watching and should be paying attention to for the future?

Well, I mean, I'm definitely going to have to say Havok is the one you're going to have to pay attention to but I also think Kylie Rae is someone you don't want to take your eye off.

Next: Nevaeh discusses how IMPACT Wrestling values women's wrestling and her goals in IMPACT

Sportskeeda meets Nevaeh

Our interview with IMPACT Wrestling star Nevaeh continues below.

Nevaeh has left her mark in just four months
Nevaeh has left her mark in just four months

Next week's IMPACT Emergence sees Deonna Purrazzo take on Jordynne Grace in a 30-minute Iron Man match - a first for the Knockouts Division, which looks set to headline the event.

One thing that needs to be said about IMPACT is how much the company values talent with how anyone can be anywhere on the card - whether that be an Eddie Edwards opening a show with the World Championship on the line, or anyone across the board being able to main-event. How does that feel for you to be part of a company where it's possible to be anywhere on the card?

To know how hard that myself and other women have worked over our careers - and really, prior to our careers, women who also worked hard - it's almost indescribable to know that you're really not limited. You have zero limitations and you can go after anything or pursue anything.

IMPACT Wrestling has proven time and time, and time again, if you're a great wrestler, you're going to be on top. Nothing else matters. Your wrestling and your wrestling ability are going to put you on top. "You're female? Right, you're one of the best females we've ever seen. You're going to main-event tonight." That's all it takes. It doesn't matter to them, gender, or anything else. They've proven it in the past time and time again, they've always put so much into the Knockouts. It's never been the females being secondary or on the side, the females have always kind of headlined right alongside the males as well.

Final question, what does Nevaeh want to accomplish in IMPACT Wrestling?

I want to make my name a household name. I want wrestling fans to know who Nevaeh is and I want wrestling fans to think of Nevaeh as being a pure talent and someone who genuinely just loves wrestling.

I just want them to see in the ring how hard I'm working and how much I enjoy what I do.

Thank you so much to Nevaeh for taking the time to chat with us, and to IMPACT Wrestling for setting up the interview. You can follow Nevaeh here and IMPACT Wrestling here.

You can watch Nevaeh on IMPACT weekly every Tuesday at 8 PM PT on AXS TV in the US or via IMPACT's Twitch channel. UK viewers can watch IMPACT on Wednesdays at 9 PM UK time on Fight Network UK.

Stay tuned with Sportskeeda for more IMPACT interviews coming very soon.

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