Absent WWE star sends four-word message to Iyo Sky following tantrum on RAW

Sky is a member of Damage CTRL on RAW.
Sky is a member of Damage CTRL on RAW.

An absent WWE Superstar has sent a message to Iyo Sky following last night's edition of RAW in Georgia. The Genius of the Sky threw a tantrum as Damage CTRL has been unable to get back on track on the red brand since the WWE Draft.

Lyra Valkyria defeated Kairi Sane last night in a singles match on the red brand. Following the match, Iyo Sky flipped out in Damage CTRL's locker room and destroyed everything around her.

The former WWE Women's Champion took to Instagram today to share a couple of photos of herself sitting in the destroyed locker room.

NXT star Cora Jade is currently out of action with a torn ACL she suffered earlier this year. She responded to Sky's post on Instagram and wondered if the RAW star was okay. You can check out Jade's comment in the image below.

Jade asks Sky an interesting question on Instagram.
Jade asks Sky an interesting question on Instagram.

Damage CTRL member reveals why they betrayed Bayley on WWE SmackDown

Iyo Sky and her stablemates betrayed Bayley earlier this year after The Role Model won the Women's Royal Rumble match. However, Bayley got her revenge by capturing the WWE Women's Championship from Sky at WrestleMania XL last month in Philadelphia.

In an interview on 97.7 QLZ earlier this year, Dakota Kai revealed why the group left Bayley behind. Kai noted that the veteran gave herself and Iyo Sky a lot of opportunities, but she felt Damage CTRL could accomplish a lot more on their own.

"So, I am grateful to Bayley, right? She allowed me to come back to the company, she has given both IYO and I a lot of opportunities. But, I think at the end of the day, if you have a parent that is a little bit too controlling of the things you do, that is how we felt. We felt like we could do a lot more without her leash on us," said Dakota Kai. [From 07:07 to 07:27]

Iyo Sky competed in the Queen of the Ring tournament but was eliminated by Lyra Valkyria. Nia Jax went on to defeat Lyra Valkyria to win the tournament at this past Saturday's premium live event in Saudi Arabia.

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