AJ Styles wants a WrestleMania match with Edge or Triple H

AJ Styles has been pitching the idea of facing Triple H for sometime now
AJ Styles has been pitching the idea of facing Triple H for sometime now

In a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, AJ Styles revealed that he wants to have a match with either Edge or Triple H at WrestleMania. Styles stated that he actually wanted to face Drew McIntyre at WWE's biggest show. But he said he'd also be happy to face either "The Game" or "The Rated R Superstar."

You can hear more about what AJ Styles had to say here. "The Phenomenal One" shares what he did after his Boneyard Match with The Undertaker and much more.

In the interview, AJ Styles revealed why he would be interested in fighting Edge. He said the match would let him get some payback. "The Phenomenal One" recalled how a Spear from Edge resulted in him separating his shoulder at WWE Royal Rumble. He said he's been dreaming about revenge ever since.

"Well, if it can’t be Drew McIntyre, then give me Edge. If it can’t be Edge, give me Triple H. There’s a number of guys that are willing to step up, and it can be any one of those. I want, I’m telling you, I want Edge. I don’t know if you’ll remember what happened to me at the Royal Rumble, he separated my shoulder with that Spear, so it’s time to get some payback." H/t WrestleTalk

AJ Styles has been trying to get a match with Triple H for sometime now

"The Phenomenal One" stated that he feels as if he is putting Triple H in the same situation as the one The Undertaker was in prior to their match. Apparently, AJ Styles has been pitching for a match with Triple H for some time now.

"I feel like I’m putting him in a situation like I did the Undertaker. ‘Hey, hey, hey, hey.’ So, will he accept, I don’t know. Listen, these are guys that I’ve always gone, 'Wow, they’re great,’ even speaking to them, you realize their mindset of the way they approach things [is] totally different than a lot of other performers. There’s something about them. This is the reason why he’s still doing what he’s doing. NXT is a brand because of Triple H, there’s no question about that. So I would love to see how that’s gonna work in a match with him. Will it ever happen? I don’t know. But I’m trying, guys." H/t WrestleTalk

AJ Styles is set to face off against Drew McIntyre this Sunday for the WWE Championship at WWE TLC. If Styles wins the title, some fans might be quite excited by the prospect of a WWE Championship match between "The Phenomenal One" and "The Game."

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