Alberto Del Rio gives his take on Andrade's WWE exit (Exclusive)

Andrade is a former NXT Champion and United States Champion
Andrade is a former NXT Champion and United States Champion

Alberto Del Rio thinks it is “great” that Andrade has decided to join AEW after receiving his release from WWE.

The former NXT Champion left WWE in March 2021 after over five years with the company. Now known as Andrade El Idolo, the 31-year-old signed with AEW earlier this month and aligned with Vickie Guerrero. He is also due to challenge Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Championship at TripleMania XXIX on August 14.

Del Rio, who never worked with Andrade in WWE, spoke to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta about his fellow Mexican’s recent exit from the company.

“Great, great,” Del Rio said. “He he started from the bottom. You know, setting up the ring, chairs, selling popcorn in the arena, etcetera, working for 25 Mexican pesos, then working his way up to the top in Mexico, then Japan, then WWE. It’s a shame that he’s no longer with WWE. I don’t know the reasons and, to be honest, these days, after all that has happened in my life, I don’t really care. I’m away from all the stuff.”


Watch the video above to hear Alberto Del Rio’s thoughts on Andrade, returning to wrestling, and much more. He also spoke openly about assault charges against him being dropped.

Alberto Del Rio on the importance of working for a major company

Alberto Del Rio spent a combined six years in WWE
Alberto Del Rio spent a combined six years in WWE

Alberto Del Rio believes the internet has given wrestlers an opportunity to showcase their talents and gain fans around the world.

Using Andrade and Cinta de Oro (f.k.a. Sin Cara) as past examples, he added that wrestlers should still try to aspire to work for top companies.

“You have to go to WWE or AEW or Ring of Honor or any of those great companies to make a name for yourself,” Alberto Del Rio said. “The only way you will become a known character is if you work for any of those guys, right? But, yes, there’s a lot of opportunities out there for all of the wrestlers, all the performers. Now you don’t have to just be in one place because there are other options.”

Alberto Del Rio will face Andrade and Carlito in a Triple Threat match at the Hecho en Mexico event on July 31 in Hidalgo, Texas. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster and

The former WWE Champion is also set to appear at Fabulous Lucha Libre on August 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tickets can be purchased at Event Brite.

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