"I have forgiven myself for my mistakes" - Alberto Del Rio on his personal life outside of wrestling (Exclusive)

Alberto Del Rio is a four-time WWE World Champion
Alberto Del Rio is a four-time WWE World Champion

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio says he has forgiven himself for making mistakes in his personal life.

Del Rio (real name Jose Rodriguez Chucuan) was charged with aggravated kidnapping and four counts of sexual assault against his ex-fiancée, Reyna, in 2020. The charges were dropped after Reyna confessed to making up the story to get back at Del Rio for cheating on her.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta, Del Rio admitted he was unfaithful to Reyna shortly before they were due to get married. He also said he has forgiven both himself and his ex-fiancée following the ordeal.

“How do you kidnap your own fiancée?” Del Rio said. “How do you kidnap someone that has been living with you for 12 months? I’m on the other side right now. I have forgiven myself for my mistakes. I have forgiven her for that because, again, at least she had the courage to do that [admit she lied], but now it’s just me rebuilding myself, protecting my children.
“People have no idea what it has been [like] for me. My dad ended up in the hospital. He almost died in the hospital. There was one night where they told us, ‘Brace yourself, he’s not surviving, he’s not surviving the night.’”


Watch the video above to hear Alberto Del Rio speak in-depth about the backlash he received after Reyna’s accusations. He also revealed details about Paige allegedly breaking the terms of their $1 million confidentiality agreement.

Alberto Del Rio’s upcoming return

Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio in WWE
Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio in WWE

Alberto Del Rio is set to make his wrestling return this summer after a year away from the ring.

The 44-year-old will face Andrade and Carlito at the Hecho en Mexico event on July 31 in Hidalgo, Texas. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster and

Del Rio is also set to appear at Fabulous Lucha Libre on August 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tickets can be purchased at Event Brite.

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