Baron Corbin reveals what Becky Lynch told him ahead of controversial moment that resulted in him getting death threats

Lynch received a thunderous End of Days from Corbin that night
Lynch received a thunderous End of Days from Corbin that night

Baron Corbin has revealed what Becky Lynch told him before their Mixed Tag Team match at WWE Extreme Rules 2019.

At Extreme Rules 2019, the main event was a "Last Chance Winners Take All Extreme Rules" Mixed Tag Team match for the Universal Championship and the Raw Women's Championship. The battle pitted Seth Rollins and Lynch with Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans.

At one point during the match, Corbin took an unsuspecting Becky Lynch by surprise when he hit her with an End of Days. As soon as Corbin hit Lynch with his finisher, the entire arena erupted over the sequence. An enraged Seth Rollins beat the tar out of Corbin, and the babyfaces went on to pick up a big win. While speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Baron Corbin recently revealed that he didn't rehearse the sequence with Lynch.

"I think it was a live fire, you know? She's like, 'I got it!' Like, she's such a pro and so good at what she does, which is obviously why she's such an incredible star and puts on some of the most incredible matches. Because she's just so good and I think that's the level she's at where she's like. 'Yeah, just hit it.'" [4:33 - 4:50]

Baron Corbin's thoughts on giving Becky Lynch the End of Days

Baron Corbin has spoken up about the sequence on various occasions in the past. Fans in the arena and the ones watching at home didn't expect one bit that Corbin would end up hitting his devastating move on the beloved Lynch. Here's what Corbin told Chris Van Vliet about the reaction to hitting the finisher on Lynch:

"Giving Becky, the End of Days was another one that I won't forget because we don't do things like that anymore. When I hit her, the reaction when we were in Philly, it was like dead silence at first, and then there was a weird pop where they were like holy s**t moment, you know, if you will. And then it just went to a gutter of boos. Like I got all three."

Corbin later revealed to Ryan Satin of Out Of Character that he received death threats online over hitting Lynch with his finishing move.


With Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins' victory that night, their feud with Corbin and Evans came to an end. The real-life couple was then silently put on separate paths on WWE TV.

What was your immediate reaction to Corbin's End of Days on Becky Lynch back in 2019?

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