Bloodline member turning on Roman Reigns following CM Punk's return to WWE; Cody Rhodes to capitalize could happen, says veteran

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns
Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

A wrestling veteran recently suggested Paul Heyman could turn on Roman Reigns following CM Punk's WWE return.

The veteran in question is Bin Hamin. Last Saturday, The Best in the World surprisingly returned to WWE after nine years of absence at the Survivor Series: WarGames Premium Live Event. After appearing on RAW last Monday, The Best in the World is scheduled to be on SmackDown next Friday. Punk's former manager, Paul Heyman, is also on the blue brand as Roman Reigns' Wiseman. The 58-year-old was also Brock Lesnar's manager for several years.

Speaking on The Monday Locker Room, Bin Hamin suggested a storyline involving Heyman and the three superstars he managed. He claimed The Wiseman could turn on his Tribal Chief following Punk's arrival, and Cody Rhodes could take advantage because of all the shenanigans.

"Heyman is now the lynchpin between Roman, Brock, and Punk. And what can we do to tell that story of who is he really loyal to, you know. Like, you're gonna question him and he's gonna have to turn on Roman and have it go over. And is Cody gonna be the one to capitalize because of their hurricane of hell, you know what I mean. And when can Brock come back at the right time to heighten that whole thing. Like there's a lot of whiteboard stuff that needs to be written out of like how do we connect this to this and what's the way to heighten that to that. Very interesting stuff creatively right now," he said. [From 39:14 to 39:55]

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CM Punk should not face Roman Reigns after returning to WWE

Upon CM Punk's return at Survivor Series: WarGames, Seth Rollins appeared angry and started swearing at the 45-year-old superstar. The World Heavyweight Champion's reaction led many to believe he would be Punk's first opponent following his comeback.

Meanwhile, other fans have expressed their desire to see The Best in the World square off against the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Speaking on Cafe de Rene, wrestling veteran Sylvain Grenier claimed that the match should not happen.

"I don't even see him with Roman. It will look bad. Roman is a workhorse and he's been away from the ring for too long," he said.

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