Former champion recalls "memorable" backstage altercation between Booker T and Batista in WWE

The two WWE legends had an infamous brawl backstage
The two WWE legends had an infamous brawl backstage

WWE Attitude Era legend Val Venis has recalled a backstage brawl that took place between Booker T and Batista during the mid-2000s.

The tale of the infamous fight that took place between the two stars is the stuff of wrestling legend. The former world champions allegedly collided backstage in 2006, following a build-up of issues between the two. Although accounts of the incident differ, many suggest that Batista's poor backstage attitude led to Booker T taking issue with The Animal.

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In a recent clip uploaded to the WSI - Wrestling Shoot Interviews YouTube Channel, Val Venis discussed the memorable brawl. During the interview, Val was asked about the most memorable backstage fights of all time. The Big Valbowski stated that despite not being present for it, the brawl between Booker T and Batista was the most memorable for him.

"I never really saw any of the fights backstage, I don't know where I was in the arena when they took place. But I do remember hearing [about] the fight between Booker T and Dave Batista. I remember - to me, when people talk about backstage fights, for me personally, that's the most memorable one. Now, by the time I got around to that place, it was already broken apart, it was all done." he said (0:12 - 0:46)

Val Venis noted that Booker "tee'd off" on the future Guardians of the Galaxy star.

"From what I recall that was - Booker T just tee'd off on Batista." he added (0:47 - 0:49)

Val Venis gave further details of the Booker T vs Batista brawl

The former WWE European Champion then went into greater detail about the brawl between the two legends.

The Big Valbowski noted that Booker T had no issue besting The Animal in the confrontation, despite Dave being the one to ask for the fight. Val then once again confirmed that he didn't see the brawl, and that his information was second-hand.

"It was Batista, I guess, who called Booker T out for the fight and it didn't end well for him. From what I heard. Like I said, I didn't see it, I'm just taking this as second hand information. By the time I got around to where the fight was, it was already over," he added (0:50 - 1:07)

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