Former WWE referee doesn’t think Eddie Guerrero would enjoy this era of wrestling

Would Latino Heat not enjoy today's wrestling product?
Would Latino Heat not enjoy today's wrestling product?

Would Eddie Guerrero thrive in the world of professional wrestling in 2022?

Latino Heat got started in the wrestling industry in 1986 and wrestled through the rise of ECW, the Monday Night Wars, and WWE's Ruthless Aggression era until his untimely passing in 2005.

The latest episode of Refin' it up with Brian Hebner honored the memory of the former WWE Champion. When Hebner was asked if he thought Guerrero would be happy with the way the wrestling industry is today, Hebner didn't believe he would be.

"No, I don’t (think he would be happy with it.). I think Eddie would like it, but not love it," Brian Hebner said. "I think the current style that’s used is not something he would be particularly happy about, in my opinion. What I’m talking about is the crash and burn [and] no sells. Everybody kicks out of everybody’s finish. I just don’t think that’s Eddie Guerrero."
We remember "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero this week. From watching him in WCW to reffing his match when he beat Brock Lesnar for his first WWE Championship; Brian was honored to work with Eddie a lot. #RantersNation Artwork by @JDHoop702

Eddie Guerrero led the charge for WWE in 2004

Even WWE is in a much different place than it was 20 years ago. Back in 2004, when the company decided to make Eddie Guerrero the WWE Champion by defeating Brock Lesnar, research proved that Latino Heat was a huge draw in regards to ratings for multiple cultures of people.

"They were doing a lot of research picking up who was watching and where they were watching from. Eddie was a huge draw for that Latino audience and it was in some huge markets," Brian Hebner revealed. "A lot of that played into the fact that this is going to be the guy because this guy is bringing in ratings. I know people say they don’t want it to be about race. It wasn’t. It was about ratings. It wasn’t what he was or wasn’t. It was about what he was doing to multiple cultures of people. So it made sense to want to lean towards putting the belt on Eddie at this time."
Tomorrow at 9am EST our Eddie Guerrero episode drops!!!! @babyhebner remembers some great times with #LatinoHeat including when he won the title at No Way Out 2004 against Brock Lesnar #123

What do you make of Brian Hebner's comments? Do you think Guerrero wouldn't enjoy the style of wrestling that we see today? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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