CM Punk’s private response to former world champion after WWE return revealed

CM Punk returned to WWE after almost a decade
CM Punk returned to WWE after almost a decade

CM Punk’s return to WWE has generated a lot of discourse, and this extends way beyond the wrestling world. A former UFC champion with close ties to The Straight Edge Superstar has revealed what Punk said to him after his shocking return. The champion in question is Anthony Pettis.

Anthony “Showtime” Pettis was the UFC Lightweight Champion and is responsible for one of the most iconic moments in MMA history. He competed in PFL after his exit from UFC and currently runs his own MMA promotion called APFC. Showtime and Punk are training partners from their time at the famed Roufusport gym, and the former WWE Champion was even a guest at a recent APFC event.

In an interview with Giancarlo Aulina of Sportskeeda MMA, the 36-year-old revealed what Punk said to him via text after his shocking return at the end of the Survivor Series. He also called Punk one of the humblest and hardest-working guys you’ll meet.

“One of the most humblest guys you'll ever meet and one of the most hardest working guys you'll ever meet. So I was very excited for him and I text him right away, and I think his response was, 'Let's take over the world, brother,” said Pettis.


Backstage reaction to CM Punk’s WWE return

The now 45-year-old didn’t leave the Stamford-based company on great terms back in 2014 and was known for clashing with management. This caused many to think that a return was going to cause problems in the locker room, especially after his disastrous AEW exit in September of this year. The reality, however, has been much different.

Sources within WWE who are close to Dr. Chris Featherstone have told him that Punk has been "a pleasure to work with" and "seems really happy to be back."

He has now teased entering the Royal Rumble and going after one of the world titles at WrestleMania 40. Regardless of what the plan is for him, it is clearly a great time to be a CM Punk fan.

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