CM Punk shares major WWE return update

CM Punk is currently sidelined owing to a triceps injury (Credit: WWE)
CM Punk is currently sidelined owing to a triceps injury (Credit: WWE)

CM Punk has mysteriously disappeared from WWE TV once again as the company is building towards Drew McIntyre's shot at World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest at WWE Clash at the Castle: Scotland. The event is scheduled to emanate from the OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, on June 15, thus setting the stage for one of two scenarios: The Scottish Warrior wins the belt on his home turf or goes through another embarrassing moment.

The latter could happen should Punk resurface in time to cost McIntyre a moment under the sun, similar to what he did at WrestleMania XL and the RAW after.

Taking to Instagram earlier today, The Straight Edge Superstar shared a video of him training his arm, seemingly indicating that he is gearing up for a comeback in the not-too-distant future:

CM Punk's Instagram Story
CM Punk's Instagram Story

Drew McIntyre hilariously trolled CM Punk this week following RAW while at the WWE Headquarters. He used an image of the veteran in tears on the big screen, claiming that he wants people to see it when they enter the building. McIntyre even called the image "art."

Wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell does not get the hype surrounding WWE Superstar CM Punk

CM Punk returned to the Stamford-based promotion in November 2023 after getting fired by AEW. Wrestling fans are passionate about The Straight Edge Superstar and never fail to back him. Dutch Mantell does not understand why that is the case, but he accepts that it matters.

Speaking on the Story Time with Dutch Mantell podcast, the veteran speculated whether WWE is struggling to get returns on the investment that is CM Punk. He feels that if the latter gets over the injury bug, he will be set for at least the next two years, as there is a plethora of opponents. However, if not, then Punk can always be used as an announcer.

"CM Punk, to me, I don't know why he is over so much as he is. I really don't quite get it but he is. So if he is, he is. People like this guy, he has a connectibility to the fans and you can't deny that. So, him having the accident bug or the injury bug, I hope he gets over that because there's a lot of money in CM Punk. They got a lot of opponents lined up for him. He's set now for the next two years anyway, if he stays healthy. If he doesn't stay healthy, he's still going to end up in a commentator's job or something else. He's actually a great athlete and the people respond to him."

Meanwhile, fans are split about the outcome of the upcoming World Heavyweight Championship. If Damian Priest loses the belt to Drew McIntyre, the former's reign would end at 69 days. Also, there is "King General" Gunther waiting for whoever the champion is at SummerSlam.

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