"It's hard to live down" - Cody Hall opens up about trying to live up to Scott Hall's legacy, DDP helping his father

Cody and Scott Hall pose for a picture
Cody and Scott Hall pose for a picture
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Cody Hall has opened up about WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall and the struggles of being the son of "The Bad Guy".

The young Hall has followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a pro wrestler at the age of 19. He is best known as a member of the AJ Styles-led Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but has worked in several other Japanese and American indie promotions.

His father Scott was a legend in the wrestling business, but unfortunately passed away on March 14th of this year. Hall was known as Razor Ramon in WWE, but many know him from his time in WCW as an original member of the nWo faction.

Cody Hall recently joined Chris Van Vliet for an episode of the Insight Podcast. During the podcast, Cody admitted that it remains a struggle to live up to his famous father's name. He said that his father was a great man but it's been difficult finding his own path in the wrestling business:

"Every show that I go to, people want to say such and such about my father, ‘Oh, he was the coolest. He was the best’, and it’s hard to live down. (...) No matter what I did, people would never acknowledge it. It would always be about my father. So that was definitely a struggle for me, and kind of still is."

Cody also revealed that he's still trying to find himself in professional wrestling. He noted that he used to love doing his dad's wrestling moves, but it became difficult because people would only think of his father:

"Being an imitation is always like a losing effort from the start. Who I am trying to be is still up for debate still," Cody Hall added. (H/T:

Cody Hall credits Diamond Dallas Page for saving Scott Hall's life

Diamond Dallas Page took an interest in helping Scott while the wrestling legend was suffering with addiction issues.

Cody praised DDP for helping his father and credited him for giving Scott Hall another decade of life. During that time, Cody and his family were able to create more goodwill and memories with Scott before he passed away.

In regards to DDP, Cody Hall said:

"Dallas stepped in and gave him a whole other decade of his life, gave him the chance to go on and earn these Hall of Fame rings, and leave the world a better place and create so much more goodwill and memories for my sister and I. Dallas is an angel." (H/T:

Cody noted during the interview that he hasn't had any communication with WWE and the promotion never reached out to him for a try-out. He recently posted a tribute to Scott Hall on Father's Day and you can check that out here.

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