Daniel Bryan tipped to win Bobby Lashley's title in his final WWE match (Exclusive)

Bobby Lashley has never faced Daniel Bryan in a singles match
Bobby Lashley has never faced Daniel Bryan in a singles match
Danny Hart

Former WWE writer Vince Russo believes Daniel Bryan should win the WWE Championship from Bobby Lashley in his final WWE match.

Bryan’s WWE contract is due to expire later this year. If the 39-year-old fails to defeat Universal Champion Roman Reigns on this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, he will be banished from the show.

Russo, WWE’s head writer in the late 1990s, spoke to Dr. Chris Featherstone on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Writing With Russo. If Bryan leaves WWE, Russo thinks he should win the WWE Championship and set up a Lashley babyface turn in the process.

“Bro, to me this last match should exemplify everything Daniel Bryan is like,” Russo said. “Bro, say it’s Lashley, say Lashley goes unscathed from now, and this is Lashley killing him, can’t put him away. And, bro, the longer it’s going on, the more Lashley’s running out of gas. It’s gotta be that kind of a match. And then, bro, like I said, the next day he goes out there beaten, bandaged, the whole nine yards [saying], ‘I’m a man of my word.’”


Watch the video above to hear Vince Russo’s full idea for a Bobby Lashley vs. Daniel Bryan match. He also discussed the history of people winning titles on their last night with a company.

How Vince Russo would book Bobby Lashley's loss to Daniel Bryan

Bobby Lashley has performed as a heel since 2018
Bobby Lashley has performed as a heel since 2018

Vince Russo suggested that Bobby Lashley could turn babyface by shaking Daniel Bryan’s hand immediately after their match.

The storyline could lead to Drew McIntyre aligning with MVP, setting up a rematch between Lashley and McIntyre further down the line at WrestleMania 38.

“Daniel Bryan goes over in the match, like Lashley’s just exhausted,” Russo added. “Even let him roll out, and then the next night is the big goodbye speech. Let Lashley bust that because now Lashley gives him… remember Apollo Creed [in Rocky II]? ‘I beat that man like I’ve never beaten before and he kept coming [back].’ Let him give that speech. People will pop huge, and then do exactly what you just said. All MVP has to say is, ‘When did you get soft? This isn’t what I signed up for, man.’”

Russo added that the story of someone winning the title on their way out of WWE would be “perfect” for Daniel Bryan. He believes the person losing the title, Bobby Lashley, would still look strong due to the handshake and babyface turn.

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