"Hidden diamond" - DDP wants Triple H to sign 35-year-old performer to WWE

DDP is one wrestling
DDP is one wrestling's most respected veterans.

Wrestling legend DDP recently stated that he's surprised Triple H hasn't noticed Nick Aldis' work and made him an offer to join WWE.

Aldis is one of the most respected performers in the business today, having been around for nearly two decades. He made a name for himself with his long tenure in IMPACT Wrestling and currently works for NWA.

Despite many fans believing he would be a great fit in WWE, both parties haven't joined hands yet.

Speaking on the latest episode of the podcast, DDP's Snake Pit, Diamond Dallas Page stated that Nick Aldis possesses every quality of a top-tier act. The Hall of Famer added that from his look to wrestling ability and promos, Aldis is a "hidden diamond" whom HHH should bring under WWE's umbrella.

"I never asked him, but I don’t know how [Triple H] couldn’t love him. You know? The match for the title for him and Cody at All Out, I got to know Nick a little bit. And again, guys want to have a beer with him and chicks want to s***w him, you know? He’s got the friggin’ look, he’s got the work, he’s got the promo. I mean, all this time, he is a hidden, he is a hidden diamond... Like, he’s ready to go," said DDP. (H/T -

Furthermore, DDP added that although The Game is caught up with his responsibilities, he could eventually reach out to Aldis.

“I would think [so]. And if not right now, at some point later. He’s got enough to do right now,” he added.

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Recent rumors claim WWE could be interested in Nick Aldis

In a rumor that is sure to please DDP, a recent report suggested that WWE has its eyes on Nick Aldis and recently-released AEW star Malakai Black.

While this is merely a rumor, it wouldn't be a surprise if the promotion officially makes an offer to Aldis, considering just how talented a performer he is.

The names no ones talking bout what won mentioned 2 of the names Black Aldis

Moreover, the former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion's in-ring style reminds many of Triple H, focusing on storytelling and psychology over flashy moves.

Whether or not Aldis' signing becomes a reality, it's safe to assume the global juggernaut will continue to bring in more and more talents in the coming months.

Do you see Nick Aldis joining hands with WWE becoming a reality soon? Sound off in the comments section below.

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