"It could be a complete work" – WWE Hall of Famer on Shane McMahon backstage controversy (Exclusive)

Shane McMahon returned at the Royal Rumble last weekend
Shane McMahon returned at the Royal Rumble last weekend
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WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page has nothing but praise for Shane McMahon, saying he's a "classy dude." DDP suggested there's a possibility the backstage controversy involving McMahon could be part of a storyline.

Following this year's Royal Rumble, reports emerged about Shane McMahon making only himself look strong in the Men's Rumble Match. Shane was reportedly a part of the creative team booking the Men's Rumble Match, and his decisions angered several stars in the locker room.

On Sportskeeda's The Bro Show, Diamond Dallas Page said Shane McMahon was always good to him. He didn't rule out a potential storyline from the controversy surrounding McMahon:

"I'm not saying it is, but I just don't believe anything in wrestling anymore. It could be a complete work. Shane's a classy dude. Every experience I've ever had of Shane McMahon, it's been straight up. I don't see how Shane goes crazy in between, I saw him at the Hall of Fame." (7:21 to 7:53)
"In this scenario, my opinion of Shane McMahon is really up there. I didn't see it. I'm not going to let some dirt sheets or people talking smack take that (change his opinion about Shane). I don't know what happened, I wasn't there. Do I think it could be a work? Part of me (says yes). I don't know for what reason it would be. Who knows, Shane could come through the crowd right before WrestleMania and he's booked in...who knows." (8:25 to 8:53)

Shane McMahon stepped back in the ring for the first time since WrestleMania 37 at last weekend's Royal Rumble. He entered at #28 and was in the final three of the match.

WWE's rumored plans for Shane McMahon after Royal Rumble

Shane McMahon reportedly pitched to be on RAW until WrestleMania to be in a feud with Austin Theory.

Theory has been in a storyline with Shane's father and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon over the last few months, and Shane wanted to work with him as a heel. Shane was also reportedly in line to be in the Elimination Chamber Match as well, which will take place later this month in Saudi Arabia.

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