Drew McIntyre was reportedly "extremely sick" during his match against Karrion Kross at WWE Crown Jewel

Drew McIntyre defeated Karrion Kross at WWE Crown Jewel 2022
Drew McIntyre defeated Karrion Kross at WWE Crown Jewel 2022

Drew McIntyre was reportedly extremely sick ahead of his Steel Cage match against Karrion Kross at WWE Crown Jewel last Saturday.

Since returning to World Wrestling Entertainment in August, Kross has targeted McIntyre. The two squared off in a Strap match at Extreme Rules. However, it ended in controversy after Scarlett interfered and blinded The Scottish Warrior, allowing her husband to pin him for the win. Last Saturday, McIntyre and Kross went head-to-head again inside a steel cage at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. This time, McIntyre walked out victorious after climbing out of the steel cage.

Following the match, PW Insider's Mike Johnson reported that McIntyre was "extremely sick" ahead of Crown Jewel. Nevertheless, he insisted on competing.

"The word at tonight's Crown Jewel PPV is that Drew McIntyre had been extremely sick with the flu over the last several days but gutted through his steel cage match with Karrion Kross despite it. McIntyre was said to be adamant that no matter what, he would make it to the ring and work and was able to do that today," Johnson reported.

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Is Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross' rivalry over?

Speaking to WWE Digital Exclusive after his match against Karrion Kross at Crown Jewel, Drew McIntyre explained that he knew he had to win the bout to stay on track. He also disclosed that he dropped from a higher height than he wanted after seeing his opponent almost make it out of the steel cage through the door.

The Scottish Warrior also stated that his rivalry with Kross is now over before giving a shout-out to the Crown Jewel crowd.

"As far as I'm concerned [the rivalry is over], might give a shout-out to the crowd as well, it blows my mind. Wherever I travel in the world, the fans have my back so much," he said. (1:06 - 1:16)

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What should McIntyre do next after his recent win? Give your thoughts in the comment section below.

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