EC3 hits back at Velveteen Dream, discloses "the truth" about former WWE Superstar (Exclusive)

EC3, real name Michael Hutter (left); Velveteen Dream, real name Patrick Clark Jr. (right)
EC3, real name Michael Hutter (left); Velveteen Dream, real name Patrick Clark Jr. (right)

EC3 has responded to Velveteen Dream after the former WWE NXT Superstar made derogatory remarks about him in an Instagram video.

The two-time IMPACT/TNA World Heavyweight Champion recently told Sportskeeda Wrestling that Velveteen Dream once attempted to film other wrestlers in the bathroom without their consent. Earlier this week, Dream denied the claim and accused his former on-screen rival of taking drugs.

In a new interview on Sportskeeda’s “The Wrestling Outlaws” show, EC3 read out a statement he sent to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson about Dream’s accusations. He also reiterated that his own version of events are accurate:

“What else could I possibly even say or bother to address?” EC3 said. “It’s done. He recorded people trying to urinate in my bathroom. That’s the truth.” [3:29-3:45]

Velveteen Dream received his release from WWE in May 2021 amid allegations of underage sexual harassment. The 27-year-old said earlier this year that WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H investigated the claims and cleared him of any wrongdoing.

EC3 added that he has received supportive messages from people in WWE since he told the bathroom story:

“You asked me a question regarding this man who I haven’t thought about in many years, and that story came to mind. WWE employees thanked me for telling that story out loud, so there is no thought of bringing him back to the company from those said employees.” [4:03-4:20]

Watch EC3’s full response to Velveteen Dream in the video above.

EC3 addresses Velveteen Dream’s “friend” comment

The former RAW Superstar responded to Velveteen Dream during a conversation with Dr. Chris Featherstone and former WWE writer Vince Russo.

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Russo questioned whether EC3’s recollection of the story may be “cloudy” due to the fact that he was partying. However, the 39-year-old confirmed that he remembers exactly what happened:

“No, I was a hundred percent sharp that night because no matter how much alcohol you have in life you do not forget the fact you walk into a restroom to see a camera recording looking directly at the toilet,” EC3 said. [7:04-7:15]

The Control Your Narrative co-founder went on to respond to Velveteen Dream’s remark that they are not friends. He also commented on his former WWE co-worker’s recent arrests:

“So, no, there was no cloudiness about that, and all the accusations of confusion about who he was and, ‘We’re not friends,’” EC3 continued. “It’s childish banter, it’s very unfortunate, and I’m very sorry he’s going through such a hard time, especially with the law and obvious drug issues that he was arrested for.” [7:15-7:35]

EC3 added that he forgives Dream for everything he said during his Instagram video. He also has no ill feelings toward anyone who sent him negative messages via social media over the last few days.

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