Edge responds to Seth Rollins' challenge during SmackDown

Edge accepted the challenge for the rubber match with Seth Rollins.
Edge accepted the challenge for the rubber match with Seth Rollins.

Edge has broken his silence and has answered the challenge laid out by Seth Rollins. The WWE Hall Of Famer has announced that he will be on SmackDown after Extreme Rules.

Rollins and Edge had a SummerSl rematch when SmackDown emanated from Madison Square Garden. During the match's final moments, the WWE Hall Of Famer was put down by the Stomp from Rollins.

After goading the absent Edge on SmackDown last week, Seth Rollins challenged the Rated-R Superstar again. During a backstage segment on this week's show, The Messiah said he wanted to answer the challenge he made to Edge last week.

After Rollins made his challenge to Edge on SmackDown, it didn't take long for the Rated-R Superstar to answer. With a quick message, Edge declared that he would be on SmackDown during the opening night of the 2021 WWE Draft.

"I’ll see you at #SmackDown next week," tweeted Edge.

Edge's tweet refutes earlier reports suggesting he will be out for a few months

The latest tweet from the WWE Hall Of Famer refutes claims that he would be out for a few months from live TV.

Dave Meltzer recently reported that Edge would be away from the WWE for a few months after his match with Rollins at MSG.

"Edge went out on a stretcher and was taken away in an ambulance. This will explain Edge not being around for a few months. Since Edge only works part-time it is easy to do injury angles to explain his being gone but there’s also a limit on how many you can do before it feels like you’ve seen it before," stated Meltzer.

As WWE tries to increase its ratings across the board, perhaps having Edge return will be a move to help.

With the WWE Draft set to kick off next week, it makes sense for a star as big as Edge to appear during the festivities. He may or may not be involved in the 2021 Draft due to his part-time standing in WWE. Then again, he may show up to attack Rollins.

Whatever happens, Rollins isn't finished with Edge by any means. A rubber match between the two could be set up to end the feud once and for all.