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Eric Bischoff says Bret Hart was a failure as WWE Champion

Bret Hart and Eric Bischoff never seem to be on the same page (Pic Source: WWE)
Bret Hart and Eric Bischoff never seem to be on the same page (Pic Source: WWE)
Karan Bedi
Modified 29 Jan 2021

According to Eric Bischoff, Bret Hart, as WWE Champion, was a failure when compared to his peers back in the day. Bischoff recently said that the revenues for WWE in that period lend credence to his argument.

Eric Bischoff brought Bret Hart to WCW after The Hitman had left WWE in 1997. Bret Hart's time in WCW was, as described by himself in several interviews, mediocre and has regularly criticized their handling of his character. Subsequently, Bischoff has always rejected this criticism with pointed words of his own.

On the 83 Weeks Podcast, Eric Bischoff responded to a recent interview of Bret Hart where he said that WCW "didn't have anything for him." Bischoff predictably called him out on this statement and then analyzed Bret's career in terms of impact.

"There are a small percentage, a small percentage of people that live in this little five-star match bubble but 95% or at least, a vast majority of the audience, they want story, they want larger than life characters, they want to be entertained. And Bret Hart, as great as he was from a technical wrestling point of view, was like watching paint dry. It was f***ing boring."
"The numbers back it up, you know, Bret Hart, is a WWE World Champion was probably when compared to many of his peers during that time, a failure, a miserable failure."

"He couldn't live up to his own aspirations" - Eric Bischoff on Bret Hart

Bischoff doesn
Bischoff doesn't mince words (Pic Source: WWE)

Eric Bischoff said that the proof of his comments is in the revenues that came up during that time with Bret Hart as WWE Champion. Bischoff also took some personal shots at Hart's personality as a human being.

"But as a point of fact, go back and look at the revenues for WWE with Bret Hart as champion, and you'll know why Bret Hart is such a frustrated, negative, miserable individual because he couldn't live up to his own aspirations to not only be the greatest of all Canadian heroes but to be considered a legitimate WWE superstar amongst superstars. He's not, and he'll never will be."

Most fans consider Bret Hart to be one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. Eric Bischoff's strong words may cause a stir among wrestling fans for various reasons.

Do you agree or disagree with Eric Bischoff's comments regarding Bret Hart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Published 29 Jan 2021, 12:41 IST
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