Eric Bischoff on WWE star possibly taking a lengthy break after King and Queen of the Ring

Eric Bischoff was inducted into the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame
Eric Bischoff was inducted into the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame

Eric Bischoff was impressed with the match quality and production of WWE King and Queen of the Ring on Saturday. After the event, the former WCW executive gave his thoughts on what the future has in store for Becky Lynch.

Liv Morgan defeated Lynch in the opening match of the main show to capture the Women's World Championship. In the immediate future, the rivalry between the two women looks set to continue on RAW. Beyond that, there has been a lot of speculation that Lynch's WWE contract is set to expire.

Bischoff said on 83 Weeks that Lynch would probably return even more popular if she takes a lengthy break from the ring:

"Becky's star status is firmly entrenched, so she can afford to step away for three or four or five months, or six months, or a year, because guess what will happen while she's gone? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It works every single time." [13:14 – 13:36]

Lynch's title loss came after Dominik Mysterio accidentally helped Morgan use a steel chair in the closing stages of the contest. The Man revealed after the defeat that she plans to invoke her rematch clause to regain the title from Morgan.

Eric Bischoff reviews Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan

While Eric Bischoff remains unconvinced by Liv Morgan's heel character, he had no complaints about her match against Becky Lynch.

The WWE Hall of Famer would not have changed anything about the 16-minute bout in Saudi Arabia:

"I hope Becky moves forward in a seamless fashion and we just continue to see more of Becky because, personally, I think Liv did a great job in the match, there's nothing for me to suggest that I wish could be better or perhaps more improved. I think every aspect for that match was, I don't wanna say flawless, but I guess as close as you could get," Bischoff said. [7:58 – 8:24]

As a result of her victory, Morgan is now a two-time Women's Champion. The 29-year-old's only other singles title triumph came in 2022 when she defeated Ronda Rousey to win the SmackDown Women's Championship.

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Please credit 83 Weeks and give an H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription if you use Eric Bischoff's quotes from this article.

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