Ex-WWE star reveals that botch against Viking Raiders saved his life in 2022

Picture Courtesy: WWE on YouTube
The Viking Raiders [Picture Courtesy: WWE on YouTube]

The Viking Raiders have been in WWE for quite a while now, although they aren't active currently as all three members are out for various health related issues. Back in 2022, the duo were involved in a match that had an infamous, almost career-defining botch. The botch, which has been mocked endlessly, was responsible for saving a superstar's life.

Back on the December 16th, 2022, episode of SmackDown, a tag team match saw Hit Row defeat The Viking Raiders and Legado Del Fantasma. The match itself wasn't remembered for the outcome, but the botched moment where Top Dolla's legs got caught on the top rope while failing to execute a suicide dive. Michael Cole immediately commented that there was probably a reason why he doesn't do that move very often, and it became a subject of mockery for Top Dolla and WWE fans, but especially Michael Cole himself.

Top Dolla revealed that during the match against The Viking Raiders, the botched dive saved his life because he realized he couldn't feel his legs after that. It led to him getting further medical opinion, which revealed that he had diabetes:

"I'd done that dive probably ten times before then. My blood sugar was so high, because I had diabetes and I didn't know, and after that night, I was like, 'Yo, my legs just didn't work,' and I was just confused. So because of that, over the next few weeks, I was going to different doctors to get opinions. Finally, I got blood results, and the doctor called me and asked 'Where are you?', I was like 'I'm at home'. He was like 'Do you have somebody to drive you here? I need you to come to the doctor's office right now' and it was because my blood sugar was so high that I could have gone into a coma at any time. So, he didn't want me to drive there in case I went into a coma while I was driving. Off of that, I ended up getting my medication and now I'm doing better. Now, I'm 330 pounds and I look like I'm 280. I'm in the best shape of my life and it's because I'm actually properly medicated now." (0:16-1:19)

So as much as he was mocked for that dive against The Viking Raiders and Legado Del Fantasma, it does seem there was a lot of good that actually came from it.


Ivar joked about The Viking Raiders reunion ruining his career

As for Erik and Ivar, they could be set for a reunion sooner rather than later. Erik has been out of action since October 2023 and underwent neck fusion surgery in November - putting him out of action for a long time.

Since then, Ivar has benefited from being a singles star - competing in notable matches with the likes of "Big" Bronson Reed, Sami Zayn, Chad Gable, etc.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Ivar joked that this would be the second time his career will be "ruined" when Ivar returns to inevitably reunite The Viking Raiders:

"I joke a lot about this. So we're in Ring of Honor, we got put as a team, we're catching fire, and then he gets in a motorcycle accident and tries to ruin my wrestling career. So now I got to do single stuff in Ring of Honor. So then I get a big push in Ring of Honor, I'm wrestling the main event of the pay-per-view for the title and he returns and tries to ruin my wrestling career again," said Ivar. [22:34-22:55]

With Ivar also currently out with an unknown injury, the fans will be hoping both the stars will recover from their injuries at the earliest and be back to perform for the WWE Universe soon. The Raiders will certainly add a much-needed boost to the tag team division.

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