Former champion references AJ Lee at WWE show

AJ Lee in picture
AJ Lee in picture

WWE star Roxanne Perez made a reference to AJ Lee during the latest episode of NXT.

In just four days, Perez will have the chance to become the new NXT Women's Champion as she is set to challenge Lyra Valkyria for the title at the Stand & Deliver Premium Live Event.

Leading up to their highly anticipated match, both women made an appearance on Supernova Sessions. During their exchange, Roxanne stated that she intended to knock Lyra off her horse and watch her fall all the way down. This line could seemingly be a reference to AJ Lee, who had used similar phrasing during one of her promos with Kaitlyn years ago.

“I’m gonna knock you off your high horse and watch you fall all the way down,” Roxanne Perez said.

Check out the clip of AJ Lee's promo from years ago:

AJ Lee was a prominent figure in the women's division during her tenure in WWE. The three-time Divas Champion, however, departed from the company prematurely due to injuries and other commitments.

In a recent interview, CM Punk, AJ Lee's husband, was asked about the possibility of her returning to WWE. The Second City Saint indicated that it probably wouldn't happen but remained optimistic, stating that the door is open.

It will intriguing to see if AJ Lee ever decides to make an in-ring return to professional wrestling.

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