Former MITB winner credits The Miz for the best part of his WWE career

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The Miz is a Money in the Bank winner and a Grand Slam Champion who has done it all in WWE. He's also had an impressive list of partners, and one of them, who also happens to be a former MITB winner, credited The A-Lister for the best part of his career.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, former Money in the Bank winner Damien Sandow spoke in depth about his life and career, going as far as to admit that he was in a bad place after leaving WWE nearly eight years ago in 2016.

When Chris Van Vliet credited Damien Sandow for his talent and being able to get more over than The Miz as Damien Mizdow, he fully credited The Grand Slam Champion for the success of his character:

“I think there was no Mizdow without Miz. And if I didn’t have a subject to base my satire on, I wouldn’t have had that. So that’s a testament to the timing Miz and I had. Miz and I are, you know, I say we’re friends. Like, we haven’t really talked or anything. But if we saw each other, it’d be cool. Like, there’d be 'what’s up, man?'"

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He added:

"We came up in OVW and stuff. And out there though, we had timing about it, because that’s all that was. It was Miz doing his thing and then allowing me to do my thing. And then going into it, he was very, very cool about it. Our best moments were not discussed. Truly, they weren’t, we didn’t talk about them. They happened organically.” [From 43:06 to 44:01]

Check out the entire video below:


The Miz was unsuccessfully called to help R-Truth out on RAW this past week

The Miz was not on RAW this past week, presumably to be with Maryse, as she shockingly announced that she was undergoing treatment for pre-cancer of the ovaries.

The A-Lister was still utilized indirectly, albeit without an appearance. When R-Truth realized that The Judgment Day were not on his side and planned to beat him down, he urgently called The Miz to make it down from California in Kentucky just as he was in gorilla position getting ready for his match against JD McDonagh.

R-Truth would lose to McDonagh and suffer a beatdown before DIY's Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa made the save.

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