Former WCW Star Ice Train reveals why WWE could have never made Scott Steiner a bigger Superstar (Exclusive)

Vince McMahon and Scott Steiner.
Vince McMahon and Scott Steiner.
Modified 23 Dec 2020

Scott Steiner, in his prime, was one of the more popular wrestlers around in the business. Big Poppa Pump, along with his brother Rick Steiner, became one of the most feared tag teams in the late 80s and throughout the 90s.

The Steiner Brothers were a memorable tag team, but it was evident that Scott Steiner had all the tools to break out as a singles Superstar. Despite his popularity and success in WCW, Scott Steiner never made it big as a singles talent in WWE. Scott Steiner had two stints in the WWE over the years, and his second run, which happened between 2002-2004, was when the WWE gave him a singles push.

Did WWE miss the boat with Scott Steiner? Could the company have done a better job?

Former WCW Star Ice Train was asked the question during the latest edition of SK Wrestling's UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone.

Ice Train bluntly said that WWE would not have been able to make Scott Steiner into a bigger Superstar. Ice Train called the Steiner Brothers as one of the best tag teams of his generation. However, Ice Train explained that he wasn't sure if Vince would have been able to deal with Scott Steiner. It goes the other way around, too, as Scott Steiner would have also found it hard to deal with Vince.

Ice Train said that the Steiners were tough men who you wouldn't want to mess around with.

Ice train explained:

"No. In order to be a big star, you got to, I mean, Steiners, Rick Steiner, awesome guy, Scott Steiner, awesome. One of the best tag teams ever in my generation, but I don't know if Vince could have made Scotty a bigger star because I don't know if Scotty could really deal with Vince. How about that one, because the Steiners are kind of a real dudes. If you real with 'em, you get along with 'em, but if you got some bull c*** in your tank, them Steiners ain't messing with you, man. They just straight-up dudes, country boys like me down here. They live five minutes from me to this day."

Ice Train also noted that the Steiners, during their time in WCW, were not fans of seeing personalities with no experience in wrestling come and get big pushes.

"Oh, you got to remember because if it was fake, they didn't like you. They didn't like guys coming in, like god bless David Arquette, or guys coming in, just a bunch of guys who never paid their dues coming into the wrestling business and getting pushed. That was their only thing. Those Steiner brothers, man, they real to the day."

Scott Steiner has not been on good terms with WWE for years as he has always been a vocal critic of Triple H, Vince McMahon, and the WWE system.

He is going to be an absolute beast in pro wrestling: Ice Train puts over Bronson Steiner as the next big thing

Bronson Steiner.
Bronson Steiner.

Rick Steiner's son Bronson Steiner has been in the news for a while now as the NFL Fullback recently received a WWE tryout.

Bronson is a tremendous athlete, and while he is currently involved with his Football career, Scott Steiner's nephew wants to continue his family's legacy in pro wrestling.

Ice Train knows Bronson Steiner really well and said that the young athlete would be an 'absolute beast' in wrestling.

"But look, Bronson going to do good. Bronson Steiner is going to do good. That's my little buddy. Look out for Bronson Steiner, Rick Steiner's son. Just a great talent. One of the strongest young athletes I worked with in the gym. He is going to be an absolute beast in pro wrestling. And a great kid."

During the UnSKripted live Q&A, Ice Train also shared his honest thoughts about Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho wrestling at 61, Goldberg's backstage attitude, and more.

Published 23 Dec 2020
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