Former WWE champion claims he would beat CM Punk's "f***ing brains in" if they clashed at WrestleMania

CM Punk recently returned to WWE
CM Punk recently returned to WWE

A former WWE Tag Team Champion believes he would beat up CM Punk if they squared off in the main event of WrestleMania.

The name in question is Rene Dupree. The Best in the World recently returned to the Stamford-based company at the 2023 Survivor Series: WarGames Premium Live Event after nearly nine years of absence. Although he appeared on the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, Punk is yet to make his WWE in-ring comeback.

During a recent episode of his Cafe de Rene podcast, a fan asked the former Tag Team Champion if he would be main-eventing WrestleMania with CM Punk. Dupree made an interesting comment.

"I would beat his f***ing brains in," he said. [From 41:56 to 42:00]

Check out the entire video below:


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Will CM Punk face Seth Rollins at WWE WrestleMania 40?

When CM Punk returned to WWE at Survivor Series: WarGames, Seth Rollins was seen reacting angrily and swearing at the returning superstar. The Visionary had previously been vocal about having heat with The Voice of the Voiceless.

Speaking on Busted Open Podcast, Hall of Famer Bully Ray suggested the two superstars should square off for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40.

"Punk fits with somebody huge on the roster and would be a huge WrestleMania match. Who? Seth. That is the one that said, 'Ah, Phil. Bla bla bla, Phil. Stay away where you are, Phil. We don't need you, Phil.' (...) So, we're starting to come around Seth. We are starting to come around on the championship and all of a sudden Punk comes into the mix. Punk versus Seth for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania does not intrigue you?" Dudley said.

CM Punk's wife, AJ Lee, returning after eight years of absence at the upcoming Premium Live Event is possible, believes a veteran. Check out his comments here.

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