Former WWE Superstar discusses how Stephanie McMahon and Triple H treated him behind the scenes (Exclusive)

Stephanie McMahon (left); Triple H (right)
Stephanie McMahon (left); Triple H (right)

The Blue Meanie recently opened up about the interactions he had with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in WWE.

The 49-year-old worked for WWE between 1998 and 2000 before returning for another short stint with the company in 2005. He is also known for spending three years in ECW between 1995 and 1998.

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Riju Dasgupta, Meanie praised WWE's higher-ups for treating him with respect:

"He [Triple H] was very kind to me even though he was one of the guys up the ladder. Stephanie as well. I was treated very well by the McMahons, by Triple H, by a lot of the names up there. Just the fact that Triple H is now the guy, not surprising because you could just tell he was a businessman in the ring and behind the scenes, and that's how you have to be when you're in the business." [5:19 โ€“ 5:53]

Stephanie McMahon recently resigned as WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO following Vince McMahon's return as Executive Chairman. Triple H, meanwhile, still leads the creative team as WWE's Chief Content Officer.

Meanie added that The King of Kings has always known the difference between joking around and taking the wrestling business seriously:

"Some people treat it like fun and games, and those people don't really last that long. You can have fun doing this, but you can still treat it like a business and treat it with respect, and Triple H has had the most respect for the wrestling business. There are people who have respect for the business, but he's had a lot of respect for the business as well." [5:54 โ€“ 6:21]

Watch the video above to hear The Blue Meanie's thoughts on why Vince McMahon should sell WWE to Amazon.

The Blue Meanie elaborates on Triple H's wrestling mindset

In 1999, the 14-time world champion became known as The Game after he referred to himself by the nickname in a famous backstage interview with Jim Ross.

The Blue Meanie believes the name perfectly suits the retired superstar due to his professional approach to the wrestling industry:

"Triple H, I don't mean to sound corny, but he's a student of the game. He's The Game, student of the game. I got to share a locker room with him, and you could tell he was a businessman. He was about the business, the wrestling business. He's about the business of Triple H and the business of WWE, and he's a lifer there. He's one of the few that will be there from debut to end and have never left." [4:21 โ€“ 4:54]
In the meeting ahead of #SmackDown, Triple H told the talents that Vince McMahon's involvement since returning is to look for a potential buyer.#WWE

The Game has worked for WWE since 1995. The Blue Meanie only has positive things to say about his former co-worker's rise from in-ring talent to creative figurehead:

"How many times have guys jumped back and forth from different companies? He's always been there. So the fact that he went up the corporate ladder, so to speak, got an office job and cut his hair, and has an office with a desk in it, it doesn't surprise me because he always seemed level-headed, always seemed mindful." [4:55 โ€“ 5:18]

The former ECW star also discussed the recent decision to let Shinsuke Nakamura appear in Japanese promotion Pro Wrestling NOAH.

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