Former WWE Superstar, Sting, and several wrestlers advertised for major upcoming wrestling event

Sting is a former WWE Superstar

A former WWE Superstar, Sting, and other wrestlers were advertised for an upcoming major wrestling event.

The Global Pro Wrestling Summit is set to take place on September 14th, 2023 from the Pais Arena in Jerusalem, Israel. This will be the first major wrestling event to place in Israel since 1994.

The show is set to feature some of the biggest names in wrestling across various styles like Lucha Libre, British Wrestling, and the Japanese Strong Style. Some of the biggest names in professional wrestling are advertised to appear at the Global Pro Wrestling Summit.

Wrestlers like Rob Van Dam, Vikingo, Rikishi, Seleziya, Shay Blanco, and Idan Boulder are all set to make an appearance. Haus of Wrestling also announced on their website that Sting will make a special appearance at the event.

"The Icon Sting is one of the most beloved, respected, and enduring legends in the history of pro wrestling. The Stinger, a Hall of Famer himself, has had classic rivalries with wrestling’s greatest stars including Ric Flair, The Great Muta, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, Vader, and countless others. Sting will act as an Ambassador, helping to usher in the World’s greatest pro wrestling talent to Jerusalem." [per Haus of Wrestling]

Bully Ray pointed out mistakes in Sting's recent table spot

The WCW Icon and Darby Allin recently defeated Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara in a tornado tag team match. The match has since become the talk of the town due to on a high-risk spot.

During the match, the wrestling veteran tried to dive onto Sammy Guevara who was placed on a table with a second table placed next to him. He didn't aim his jump properly and only went through one of the tables.

Bully Ray spoke about the spot on his Busted Open Radio and offered some advice on how it could've been improved.

"If I was there, I would've given him some different advice on how to dive off those ladders onto the two tables," Bully continued. "You never want to shoot for the first table. You want to shoot for the second table. Sammy should've been rolled out onto the second table. And, to be honest, it's not a two-table spot."

He continued:

"It's a one-table spot. If you saw the way Sting landed on the one table, he landed perfectly across Sammy, but then having the table on the other side — the second table — is what Sting's chin wound up hitting on the way down." [H/T: WrestlingInc]

It's good that the WWE Hall of Famer was still able to walk away from that match without any major injury considering his age.

What do you make of Sting's table spot? Sound off in the comments section.

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