Gunther confirms name change ahead of WWE RAW

The Ring General was in action at King and Queen of the Ring.
The Ring General was in action at King and Queen of the Ring

Gunther has confirmed a new nickname ahead of tonight's episode of WWE RAW in Savannah, Georgia. This week's edition of WWE RAW will feature the fallout from King and Queen of the Ring this past Saturday night.

Randy Orton battled the 36-year-old in the finals of the King of the Ring tournament at the premium live event. The Ring General picked up the victory, but the match ended in controversy. The Viper's shoulders did not appear to be down during the pinfall and Triple H has already teased there could be a rematch.

The leader of Imperium took to Instagram ahead of tonight's show and referred to himself as the "King General of the Ring." The promotion has also called the veteran "The King General" following his tournament victory.

"King General of the Ring!" he wrote.

Sami Zayn defeated Gunther at WWE WrestleMania XL last month to become the new Intercontinental Champion. He successfully defended the title against Chad Gable and Bronson Reed in a Triple Threat match at King and Queen of the Ring.

Sami Zayn on what it is like facing Gunther in WWE

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn recently shared that everything hurts while wrestling Gunther.

Speaking with Sportskeeda Wrestling in an exclusive interview earlier this year, the former Bloodline member shared that everything Gunther does is painful. He added that the WWE RAW star's intensity is what separates him from everyone else.

"Okay, so the chops I think jump out at people because of that sound, that loud crack across the chest. People respond to that because anybody can understand a sound like that, they know what's that. They can make that association with what that feels like because everybody at some point has been slapped or something. People can really relate to that." He continued, "Everything he does is pretty painful. The chops do stand out but everything he does is really with a hundred percent intensity. You're talking about what kinda separates him and I think that's it." [From 5:23 onwards]

You can check out Zayn's comments in the video below:


In addition to winning the King of the Ring tournament, Gunther has also earned a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE SummerSlam 2024. Only time will tell which superstar will be champion at the premium live event in Cleveland on August 3.