Hall of Famer quit WWE role due to Sami Zayn

WWE SmackDown Superstar Sami Zayn
WWE SmackDown Superstar Sami Zayn
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John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) has explained why working with Sami Zayn caused him to quit his WWE agent position.

Although he is best known as an in-ring competitor and commentator, JBL previously worked in a backstage producer role. The WWE Hall of Famer thought Roman Reigns was “absolutely awesome” to work with, but the same could not be said for Zayn.

Speaking on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, the 55-year-old gave an amusing response when asked to disclose why his agent role only lasted six weeks.

“Sami Zayn!” JBL laughed. “I love Sami. I think his character’s great, but I was his agent and everything was questioned... Sami is the nicest guy in the world, extremely talented, but when I worked with him as an agent, as soon as the match was over, I walked up to [Head of Talent Relations] John Laurinaitis and I said, ‘I will not be here next week.’ He said, ‘Is it that bad?’ I go, ‘I’m doing commentary only!’” [1:10:29-1:11:23]

JBL further clarified that he is a fan of Zayn as a human being and in-ring performer. However, he realized while working with the SmackDown star that he did not want to repeatedly answer questions that he felt were unnecessary.

How JBL feels about Sami Zayn’s current persona

Having worked as a babyface for many years, Sami Zayn turned heel in October 2017 and formed an alliance with his long-time friend Kevin Owens. Since then, the three-time Intercontinental Champion has become one of WWE’s most entertaining characters.

JBL added that he enjoys watching Zayn perform as a villain, particularly when he interacted with Brock Lesnar earlier this year.

“To Sami’s credit, and I do mean this because I’m entertained by him to no end,” JBL said. “He was always a career babyface, and he’d brag about being a career babyface. When he turned heel, he is one of the most entertaining heels I have ever seen. That stuff he was doing with Brock was beyond entertaining.” [1:12:46-1:13:05]

Zayn has recently become an honorary member of Roman Reigns’ Bloodline faction. He joined forces with The Usos in a losing effort against Riddle and The Street Profits on the latest episode of RAW.

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