"I just can't do that" - Ken Shamrock on turning down controversial pitch ahead of his WWE departure

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock
Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock

Former Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock recently opened up about turning down a controversial pitch before leaving WWE in 1999.

In 1997, the World's Most Dangerous signed with the Stamford-based company. He spent about two years as an active competitor before leaving in 1999 to continue his MMA career. The 58-year-old was also unhappy with the direction he was going in WWE.

In a recent interview with Cafe de Rene, Shamrock disclosed that he turned down a pitch that involved him having an incestuous romance with Ryan Shamrock, who portrayed his sister on television. He also revealed that it was one of the reasons he decided to leave the WWE.

"That was one of the things that made me wanna leave was because they pitched (...) that Ryan Shamrock, who was playing my sister, that I wanted to have s*x with her. And wow, that was powerful. And I have (...) four kids at the time, I just had my brand new baby girl. But my other three I believe were five, eight, and ten and they were gonna have to go to school and deal with all this stuff because people watch wrestling and they know who their daddy is and then they're gonna be told, 'hey, your daddy is this and that.' And it was like, I kept saying, 'man, I can't do that. I just can't do that,'" he said. [0:25 - 1:17]

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Ken Shamrock's son has the same name as his on-screen sister in WWE

While the idea of having a romantic angle with his on-screen sister was revolting enough for Ken Shamrock, another twist also led him to reject doing the storyline. His real-life son shares the same name as his on-screen sister, Ryan Shamrock.

The World's Most Dangerous Man explained in his interview with Cafe de Rene that he felt the idea was "ugly."

"My son, Ryan Shamrock, Ryan who is my real son, they used the same name for her. And I just didn't like how close that was to my own son and then talking about s*x and incest and all these other things and it just felt so ugly that I just didn't want to be a part of it," he added. [1:30 - 1:53]

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