"I don't know why they took the tank away" - WWE legend feels Shotzi sould have won the Royal Rumble already

Shotzi has won one championship in WWE.
Shotzi has won one championship in WWE.

Shotzi has seemingly been an underutilized talent for a long time, and Mick Foley recently admitted that WWE could have done much more with her.

The former NXT Women's Tag Team Champion has been with WWE since 2019 and has consistently shown a lot of promise regarding being a top name in the women's division. While speaking on his podcast, Mick Foley admitted that Shozti had a "big upside" and, years ago, had predicted her to win the Royal Rumble.

The 31-year-old star's main roster run has been full of ups and downs, but a Royal Rumble victory would have certainly increased her stock in WWE, as Mick Foley explained below:

"I think she [Shotzi] is somebody that has a big upside. I was even hoping she would win the Rumble a couple of years ago because winning the Rumble obviously has a bold proclamation and a real sign that the company is behind someone and a sign to the fans that you know it would be worth their emotional interest as well to get behind her too." [From 30:41 to 31:10]

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Mick Foley personally loved the former NXT star, both as a wrestling performer and a human being. The former world champion didn't like that WWE took her tank away from her entrances and even admitted that the Blackheart name gave her more personality.

Foley also commended the bold move to shave her head off:

"I love Shotzi. I don't know why they took the tank away from her. Man, they could have done more with her. It looks like they are doing more now, but she is such a great character, you know, and a unique person. Yeah, I think she is great. Personally, I love the Blackheart name." [From 30:18 to 30:40]

Mick Foley recalls a recent meeting with WWE's Shotzi

The hardcore legend is a regular at conventions and recently attended one that had an interesting NXT connection. As part of the Give Kids the World foundation in Florida, which has a good working relationship with NXT, Shotzi appeared at an event to help raise some money.

Mick Foley bumped into Shotzi there and was glad to have chatted with the talented WWE star, whose career has recently seen a resurgence as she's even teamed up with Charlotte Flair on TV.

Foley continued:

"She cut all her hair off, right, to honor her sister. That's a gutsy move. But I just saw her a few months ago. She was helping raise money. I was at the horror convention in Ocala, Florida. Shotzi was helping NXT raise money for Give Kids the World. She was at the convention, and it was great to see her." [From 31:11 to 31:54]

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