"I would love to see the possibilities" - Lita reveals she wants to elevate the Women's Tag Team division in WWE

Lita and Becky Lynch recently became the Women
Lita and Becky Lynch recently became the Women's Tag Team Champions

WWE Hall of Famer Lita recently returned to the company and captured the Women's Tag Team Championships alongside Becky Lynch.

They defeated Dakota Kai and IYO SKY of Damage CTRL on RAW to become the new Women's Tag Team Champions. Trish Stratus has since joined the champs in their rivalry against Damage CTRL. WWE recently announced that the two Hall of Famers and Becky Lynch will battle Damage CTRL in a 6-woman tag team match at WrestleMania 39.

Speaking on WWE's The Bump, the 47-year-old detailed her goals with the Women's Tag Team Championships and how she hopes to elevate the division.

"Since these tag titles have been introduced, I would love to see the possibilities with them and for whatever reason, there has been some stutter-stepping along the way. I would love to continue and help elevate these (the tag titles) and fight anyone that wants to. There are so many talented women and to see partnerships between them, I would love to see the tag division flourish," said Lita. [00:11 - 00:36]

Lita on working with Trish Stratus in WWE

Lita and Trish Stratus are legends in the wrestling business, and it will be an incredible moment when they step back inside the ring together at WrestleMania 39.

During her conversation on The Bump, Lita praised Trish Stratus for calming her nerves when the two were in a gorilla position backstage during RAW. The 47-year-old noted that she usually settles down once her music hits, but having Trish there with her made it feel like old times.

"So gorilla position is an intense position. I feel all kinds of crazy things until my music hits, and then it is like, whatever is going to happen, let's go. But having Trish (Stratus) there, just knowing she was there brought this sense of calm and put me back in the place where I felt like I was a well-oiled machine doing this every week," said the Hall of Famer.

Lita, Trish Stratus, and Becky Lynch will likely be very confident heading into their 6-woman tag team match at the premium live event. Time will tell if Damage CTRL can pull off the upset at WWE WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles.

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