"I don't need to be validated by Vince McMahon" - Veteran says he will reject WWE Hall of Fame induction offer

Vince McMahon and the WWE Hall of Fame.
Vince McMahon and the WWE Hall of Fame.

Getting into the WWE Hall of Fame is an honor reserved for select members of the pro-wrestling fraternity. While many deserving names are conferred with the prestigious title, the company's list of inductees also has many notable absentees.

Controversial names get snubbed for multiple reasons, and one such personality revealed he would politely turn down WWE's offer if it ever came his way. On the It's My House podcast, former WWE head writer Vince Russo revealed how he would react if he got the call for a Hall of Fame induction.

Russo began by admitting that WWE might never reach out to him due to his outspoken nature. He never minces his words while reviewing the current product, but he praises angles and decisions that are deserving.

"Number one, I don't think they ever in a million years would reach out to me... because I have been way, way, way too outspoken concerning how I feel about the company and the product and certain people there," Russo stated.

Vince Russo doesn't want to enter the WWE Hall of Fame

Vince Russo added that he is not interested in returning to WWE for a spot in the Hall of Fame and that he doesn't need Vince McMahon's validation since his family's and friends' support is all that matters to him.

Russo was quick to express his happiness at seeing former colleagues Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard get some recognition once again in the WWE. However, he also explained that unlike those veterans who were deeply passionate about the business, writing about wrestling was just a job for him at the end of the day.

Russo said he was not a 'wrestling mark' who secured his dream WWE job and admitted that he now despises wrestling and everything it has become. He also claimed that he would not even talk about wrestling if he wasn't getting paid to be an expert analyst.

Vince Russo can be found every week on Sportskeeda Wrestling's digital channels: Legion of RAW with Dr. Chris Featherstone, and 'Writing with Russo', which you can view right here.

"Number two, I would have absolutely no interest; I would say thank you but no thank you," Russo continued, "I don't need to be validated by Vince McMahon to consider my life worthy. I need to be validated by my wife, by my dad, by my kids, by my friends; that's who I need validation from, not Vince McMahon. Im happy for guys like Bischoff, Cornette guys like Prichard. They live the wrestling business; they eat, drink, shit, you name it. But wrestling, it was a job to me. I was not this freaking wrestling mark that got my dream job. Today I hate wrestling. I hate talking about wrestling. The only show I watch is RAW because I get paid to watch RAW." H/t It's My House Podcast.


Vince Russo is a polarizing figure in the industry. His forthright personality and explosive views have landed him a fair share of haters. However, he was also instrumental in ushering in the most successful phase in WWE history as part of the creative team.

While Russo has no intention of entering the WWE Hall of Fame, just for the sake of conversation, do you think his work merits an induction? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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