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Interesting long-term WWE goal for Elias finally revealed (Exclusive)

Elias and The Rock.
Elias and The Rock.
Modified 20 Oct 2020, 07:24 IST

Elias is back on WWE TV, and he is set to engage in a feud with Jeff Hardy on RAW for the upcoming few months. Elias already has an endgame in mind for his storyline with Hardy. However, what is The Drifter's long-term goals in the WWE and beyond?

Elias caught up with Ryan Boman for a Sportskeeda Exclusive, and the popular WWE Superstar opened up on his career goals, considering his musical and wrestling aspirations.

Elias stated that music and wrestling go hand in hand for him, and he is blessed to have been gifted with talents in both disciplines. Elias, however, underlined the fact that becoming a WWE Superstar has always been his primary dream.

Elias pitched the idea of using his music to grow his and WWE's popularity outside the realms of professional wrestling. He cited the examples of The Rock, Batista, and John Cena and stated that the megastars mentioned above managed to create a name for themselves by branching outside the ring.

Elias believes that he can become a legitimate music star while also focusing on accomplishing his pro wrestling dreams, including winning all the top Championships in the WWE.

Elias explained:

"Yeah, well, great question. Great question. And I got to say, they kind of go hand in hand, man. And listen, I told you from the beginning of this interview that it's always my dream to be a WWE Superstar. You know, now god blessed me with some incredible talents along the way, one being music, and if I can merge those two as I have, and grow WWE popularity, music popularity, and it kind of shows that. We've seen WWE produce and create these Hollywood stars, you know The Rock, and Batista and John Cena, and maybe one day that's something for Elias. I'm not focussed on that, but right now, as for the music, if we can create a legitimate music star in the process of me doing my legitimate wrestling dreams, man, that would be the ideal ultimate goal there. And of course, from a WWE standpoint, winning a Championship. I always loved the Intercontinental Championship, the Universal, the WWE Championship, whatever it may be, I would love to have that, and I'm going to be doing everything I can to get there. And in the meantime, hey, if I can promote my music through here and show the world my talent this way, all the better."

Elias would be open to acting offers

Ryan Boman asked a follow-up question, and it focused on if Elias had any intentions of pursuing acting as a career. Elias said that he liked the sound of being a triple threat star comprising of music, wrestling, and acting, and he would absolutely be open to opportunities if they came his way.

"Man, I like the sound of that! I really like the sound of that. Listen, I'm for being prepared for opportunities if they come my way. That's one thing. Being in WWE has absolutely taught me: you never know when or how an opportunity is going to come your way but when it comes, make the best of it, put your whole heart into it, and good things could happen, and that's kind of a lesson for life anyways. So, absolutely man, I got to say, if acting opportunities came my way, I'd love to take a swing at it and do everything I can."

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Published 20 Oct 2020, 07:24 IST
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